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Elephant Ambush (7th Edition)

Casual Mono-Green



Elephant Theme deck:

Backstory: I always wanted to make an Elephant theme deck, but I like playing older editions of the game before is was so hyper powered. I stared in 7th gen, I like the art style around then. Prophecy, judgment, invasion. This deck isn't as over power as it could be, just cheap and fun and for casual play. I will me making a deck that uses modern cards and is min-maxed and as broken as possible.

with graveyard revival synergy.

Brawn: Gives all of your creatures (Elephants) Trample. Crazed Armodon: is Crazy, 1 green for plus 3 and trample on demand. Trumpeting Armodon: is good for pushing through damage and requiring a blocker. Rabid Armodon: is great with trample, 2/2 for EACH creature blocking it.

Thinking about adding Black to this deck: Cheat Brawn into your graveyard early with entomb to give all of your creatures trample.


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