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Torgaar, Belzenlok, Death...pretty simple.

So with Torgaar and Traxos splitting up, and me giving Traxos a deck of his own with some new friends, it only seemed fitting to give Torgaar a new home with some new friends as well. Very simple build. Get some small chumps on the board, sack them for Torgaar, and then punch your opponent in the face. This build generates plenty of sacrificial tokens to satisfy the Rite of Belzenlok Demon, Fireblade Artist and Bloodsoaked Altar . Dismissive Pyromancer and Tormenting Voice help with uneeded Torgaar pulls. Severed Strands gives a little life gain from Torgaar and/or a Demon with the added benefit of destroying an opponents creature. And I must say that Sword-Point Diplomacy is a much better card than I had originally thought. I was skeptical about adding it, but it has proven itself on more than a few occasions.

So there it is. Feel free to comment on the build and thanks for checking it out.


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