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the disgusting but sadly noble goblins



the strategy is to play a first turn mountain, Shock any creature they play, and play a 2nd turn Warren Instigator getting you on the track for victory. or first turn Lotus Petal into Warren Instigator, getting Mogg War Marshal then a Changeling Titan exiling the the marshal leaving you with a 7/7, 1/1 and a tapped insagator. or the exact same but on the first attack putting a Goblin Matron out getting the titan, then playing him with the second attack exiling the matron, use this if you you don't have the titan in your hand. thinking of 1 or 2 Goblin Flectomancer to protect instigator. if any cards are banned just tell me plz. is black worth it for Boggart Birth Rite to get back the instigator, Boggart Harbinger and Warren Pilferers? trying to decide between Changeling Titan and Goblin Lackey as uncommon, heading toward the changeling


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