This is my exalted deck, a deck I had under-rated previously as I had no experience before with it, but now it has become one of my favorite aggro decks.

Knight of Infamy is probably my favorite with exalted, as protection from white is huge. In a meta emerging soon I believe token decks will get a huge boost with new cards coming in and old cards coming out like Ratchet Bomb. Being able to pound them with beaters like him is just great.

His counterpart Knight of Glory is great too, surviving to the best color of removal is great.

And my favorite Disciple of Bolas, allows me to attack with a 1/1 and beef him up, then play him during 2nd main phase, drawing more cards for late game, being able to stomp out aggro decks and keep up with control, is just great.

All the others are quite self-explanitary!
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