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Just an idea I threw together for fun that has worked very well vs people I play with on cockatrice online. Basic idea is that this deck works as an aggro deck where they have to kill most creatures twice (undying) or with creatures that are hard to get rid of (wolfir avenger and pred ooze). Pred ooze is basically the I win card in the deck. If you can get a Predator ooze with a mask of avacyn on it, the only way to get rid of it is board wipe cards that I can think of at least. Rangers guile is there for the same reason, to keep it out until you can get a mask on it or they run out of - to toughness cards to kill it. I have killed so many people with this combo as they might be able to take the plinks for a couple turns but once it gets big enough the have to take a lot of damage, or block it and make it even bigger. Rancor is to make this even harder by giving it trample. Wolfir Avenger is there because it is actually easy to get out with Druid's and it can buff the undying creatures without putting counters on them and nullifying undying.

Anyway, this is still in the rough stages so any suggestions are welcome and please vote if you like the deck!

Edit: Changed out the Druids' Repositorys for 4 Arbor Elf for play testing.


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