MTG Combo: Hinder + Tunnel Vision

This is a singleton card format specific synergy that wins you the game within 2 turns.

  1. Have both cards in hand.
  2. Counter target non commander spell they cast with Hinder .
  3. Put the countered spell onto the bottom of their library.
  4. Name the countered spell and cast Tunnel Vision . Your opponent will mill down to the last card in their library, the one you countered with Hinder .
  5. Survive for 2 more turns (or sooner if you can force them to draw a card) to win the game.

Note: Make sure that they don't have shuffle effects available as that will put the countered spell anywhere in the deck, negating this synergy entirely. This is also countered by the many cards that shuffle their library into their deck when put into the graveyard.


PayOneLife on Teferi Control Arcmage

3 years ago

Hey Jason!

Firstly, the deck needs some win cons. At the moment the only one I can see is creature damage, which isn't going to work well. If you're trying to go toe-to-toe with a green deck you're not going to come out on top.

Blue has a few common win cons - Enter the Infinite + Omniscience with Laboratory Maniac

Psychosis Crawler and serious card draw.

Hinder + Tunnel Vision or Spell Crumple. You can use this to deck yourself if you have Laboratory Maniac in play.

Infinite mana + Blue Sun's Zenith. There's a bunch of of ways to get infinite mana, but you don't have any here.

Also, there's a couple of mana sources you should have - Caged Sun and High Tide. I'd consider increasing the land count too.

I did like the other deck you showed me, and I think it could provide a good basis for a deck. There's an extra slot in there because the person has put Teferi in twice (you don't need to put it in the list if you put it as commander), and Erayo is banned. Otherwise it was very good.

Makorious87 on Combo Combo Combo Combo

3 years ago

I wouldn't say Hinder isn't a viable option. You can still Hinder + Tunnel Vision and mill someone in a turn. Perfect scenario which may never happen is being able to copy both for 2 seperate targets and mill them both down. I wouldn't say it's the best for Riku, but it could still have some potential if you know of at least 1 other card in an opponents deck.