This is probably one of the most well rounded decks I've built and currently my pride and joy. It gets ridiculously dirty and often times wipes the board of creatures.

I usually play this game in multiplayer. Ideally you want the game to start as follows.

Turn 1: swamp Mortician Beetle

Turn 2: swamp Blood Artist

Turn 3: swamp Plaguecrafter each player sacrifices a creature (usally 5), gain 5 life through Blood Artist and deal 5 damage to target player or spread the love as you choose. Mortician Beetle gets 5 +1/+1 counters and is ready to swing for dirty damage. Agent of the Fates helps feed Mortician Beetle when I target him with Eternal Thirst and Supernatural Stamina causing everyone to sacrifice a creature. Gray Merchant of Asphodel gains you a massive amount of life while also dealing damage to your opponents. After gaining that life, your opponents won't hesitate in sacrificing their creatures from your Killing Wave making Mortician Beetle even bigger. As long as you have the life to spare you can keep all your creatures. And with Blood Artist out during a Killing Wave you're almost guaranteed to stay alive. Wight of Precinct Six is there to aid Mortician Beetle in the destruction.


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