Hello, everyone! Welcome to my profile. Feel free to friend/follow me for information involving my article series or podcast!

I've been playing Magic since January of 2013 when my friend and now podcast co-host EAK1791 first taught me the game. Starting out of the gates as a mill player, I've moved from deck to deck finding what I enjoy most. I began making content soon after joining this site, and have been making various forms of MTG content ever since!
I help in the forums and coordinate content for the site. I am able to create, edit, and publish my own content and can also aid others who wish to do the same! If you have any ideas or questions, refer to the section below for those who wish to make content.
I have a hard time choose my all-time favorite color, but it would probably be either White or Green. My favorite 2-color combo is GW with second place going to UG, and my favorite three color combo is Bant, though I don't really like playing more than 2 colors in a deck. Beyond that, though, I enjoy making my own decks from scratch or near-scratch and fine-tuning them until they become worthwhile. My dream is to pilot my own rogue build into a finalist position at a large tournament one day. I guess you could say I'm a good definition of a "Johnny/Spike".
Some of my favorite cards include Archangel of Thune, Cyclonic Rift, Sigarda, Host of Herons, and Armada Wurm. I really like the art style of the Selesnya and Simic guilds, as well as the art style of the plane of Zendikar and Phyrexian creatures.

My Content
As mentioned, I do my best to create interesting, informative, and innovative content for the site. I create article series as well as run a MTG-focused podcast. Check them out!

I co-host The Top Deck alongside my good friend EAK1791. We discuss a wide variety of topics, including deck designs, opinions, current events in the community, and more. We also touch upon other cards games when necessary, such as Hearthstone and potentially the upcoming game Eternal. These podcasts will be located below, so please give them a shot!
My longest-running series right now is my "Showdown" series, where I pilot my own rogue standard builds against user-submitted decks of my choosing. This is currently on hiatus as I found myself getting burnt out on them and felt they were too much work for getting no compensation. It's possible they could return in the future, but you might still enjoy them! Showdown articles
You can find my other, older stuff by going through the browse function of the articles, but it's a bit cumbersome. In the future, I will probably be making a folder to hold all of them which I will post here.

How to Contact Me
I can be reached via my wall here, email, or Twitter. Feel free to choose whichever way you like, but know that I'm more likely to see/respond through email or Twitter. If you want to follow my content, be it articles or podcasts, I highly encourage following me on Twitter, as we always post when we will be going live, as well as when new episodes are up.
Do YOU want to make content for Tappedout? Fantastic! We're always looking for new talent and the site caters to those who strive to make engaging and informative content for it. If you have an idea for content, please feel free to contact me here, through email, or via Twitter. I am MORE than happy to help you edit, format or even just brainstorm some ideas you may not have fleshed out quite yet. My door is always open!

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: Spootyone


Tesseract #8: Green Ramp Mini-Dive

Spooty is back to put green ramp in peasant cube under the microscope. Come check it out!

Features , Opinion 03/10/2019 by Spootyone

Tesseract #7: Ascendancy

Spooty gets personal with a discussion on Ego, learning from others, and being unique - Something we could all benefit from.

Also, peasant cube I guess?

Features , Opinion 02/24/2019 by Spootyone

Tesseract #6: RNA Cube Changes and Standout Cards

In this episode of Tesseract, we will be discussing the major changes I have made to my peasant list following a weekend of RNA testing.

Features , Opinion 02/10/2019 by Spootyone

Tesseract #5: Single Card Discussion - Lone Rider

Spooty is back for another single card discussion, this time on a plucky little uncommon from Eldritch Moon: Lone Rider! Should you incorporate it into your cube? Come find out!

Card Design , Features , Opinion 01/27/2019 by Spootyone

A Note on Tesseract. (No, it's not going anywhere)

Spooty just has a quick update so you don't worry he's gone. He's just been busy!

Features 01/22/2019 by Spootyone

Tesseract #4: Ravnica Allegiance Mechanics

Holiday season is over! Time to get back to discussing Peasant cube with Spooty!

Features , Opinion 01/09/2019 by Spootyone

Tesseract #3: Single Card Discussion - Autumnal Gloom

It's Monday! That means it's time to talk cube again with Spooty! This week we will have our first single card discussion.

Features , Opinion 12/17/2018 by Spootyone

Tesseract #2: Should I Build a Peasant Cube?

Spooty is back to talk cube again, and he returns with a not so simple question:
Should you build a Peasant Cube?

Features , Opinion 12/10/2018 by Spootyone

Tesseract #1: The Contemporary Peasant Cube

Spooty officially begins his new series by detailing the main cube he will be working with - "The Contemporary Peasant Cube"

Features , Opinion 12/03/2018 by Spootyone


Commander / EDH - Casual


Nissa deck WIP

Commander / EDH* Spootyone


Sleeper Agent | Budget Xantcha Politics

Commander / EDH* Spootyone


Justice, At Any Cost | Sigarda Enchantress Voltron

Commander / EDH Spootyone

SCORE: 69 | 162 COMMENTS | 27281 VIEWS | IN 35 FOLDERS

Tax Season | Kambal Lifegain EDH

Commander / EDH* Spootyone

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Bottom-feeder Turbo Lands | Tatyova EDH

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Vaguely Plaguely | Pharika EDH

Commander / EDH* Spootyone



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