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Silver Bordered only EDH deck making use of the new five color Un-Commander. It was always kind of disappointing that Dr. Julius Jumblemorph couldn't take advantage of the augment cards in the other three colors, but NO MORE!

The end goal isn't winning, though if your lucky that might be a nice side effect of gluing things together and throwing them at people. No, what we want to do with this deck is play fun, silly silver bordered cards like Urza, Academy Headmaster, Animate Library, Rules Lawyer, or Yet Another Aether Vortex. When people irrationally freak out because you exclusively have silver border cards and start targeting you and ruining your fun, you can use Incoming! or Mine, Mine, Mine! to speed things along.

Other general notes: A Serpentine + Wild Crocodile or a Half-Shark, Half- + Wild Crocodile will do wonders for thinning out your deck and helping you get those colors, especially since the only two ramp cards in Un are Land Aid '04 and Selfie Preservation (Make sure you have trees in all your lands!!!). This deck also isn't super heavy on contraptions, so having fewer better ones is probably going to do you more good than a full deck, but that being said you could probably pull out a few more than what I have with an augmented Crafty Octopus. Have yet to test this out in a real game, so improvements could probably be made.


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