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Kobold Centrifuge

Legacy Budget Combo



Newly improved version of my goofy Legacy deck! With KTK's addition of Altar of the Brood, this combo deck now neither needs creatures with Extort nor Carnival of Souls (as much as I loved playing with it), making it MUCH more consistent!

With the newly-vacant slots, I added Dark Rituals, so now it can also possibly randomly win as early as turn 1 as well! Most recently, I replaced Dark Tutelage with Read the Bones, which is about as good as you can get for a budget way to dig through your deck in black.

Life is a resource!

P.S. The average CMC of the deck is actually lower than listed, due to it considering Beseech the Queen as 6 CMC, when it gets cast for 3 every time in this deck.


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This deck is Legacy legal.

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