Kobold Centrifuge

Legacy Budget Combo

ClefAria Score: 8


(BakaSaka had the original idea, I helped refine it into the list you see here. The name is mine too, lol)

Hilarious deck idea that is actually capable of winning on turn 3! When the deck goes off, you've got a revolving door of wimpy little kobolds draining your opponent's life total while keeping yours level (extort triggers cancel out Carnival of Souls, resulting in a net change of 0 for you and -1 for your opponent).

Especially amusing is that 16 of the cards in this deck (the 12 kobolds and the 4 Carnival of Souls) are generally considered unplayable/worthless in Legacy.

I play too casually (generally 1-win games in the Just for Fun area of MTGO) to even try and make a sideboard, and also, this is a pretty all-in strategy that would be weakened significantly if any of it was swapped out for 'hate', so it's probably best off without one.


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This deck is Legacy legal.

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