This is an extreme budget version of the Cavalcade decks that are popular in standard right now. The main goal is to get out a Cavalcade of Calamity or Raid Bombardment and then attack with as many one-power creatures as possible. This can be combined with either Chandra's Spitfire or The Flame of Keld to do massive damage. Suppose, for example, that you start off with a Scorch Spitter , Cavalcade of Calamity , and Chandra's Spitfire . You can then play a Raid Bombardment and a haste creature like Torch Courier , Fanatical Firebrand , or Tin Street Dodger on turn 4. Attack with all your creatures, triggering each of your enchantments three times, and dealing an extra point of damage with Scorch Spitter. That's a total of seven triggers for Chandra's Spitfire , making it a 22/3 flyer. Alternatively, you can play a one drop like Mogg Fanatic into a Cavalcade and then play another one-drop with The Flame of Keld on turn 3. This will usually allow you to get at least two more creatures by turn 5, at which point the Cavalcade/Keld combo will deal out 3 damage for each attacking creature.

If you have a couple of extra bucks, sub in a playset of Bomat Courier for Torch Courier and two Tin Street Dodger . You can also upgrade the burn spells with Skewer the Critics or Lightning Bolt .

Check out all my budget decks at $5MTG - all decks under $5 at the time of posting.


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