MTG Combo: Necromancy + Worldgorger Dragon

This combo generates infinite:

  • Mana (any color you have available)
  • ETB triggers
  • Death/LTB triggers

Other variations replace Necromancy with Animate Dead or Dance of the Dead.


  1. Have Worldgorger Dragon in your graveyard and Necromancy in your hand.
  2. Cast Necromancy, targeting Worldgorger Dragon.
  3. Worldgorger Dragon enters the battlefield, causing it to exile all other permanents you control.
  4. Necromancy gets exiled along with all your other permanents.
  5. Necromancy's LTB ability triggers, sacrificing Worldgorger Dragon.
  6. All permanents exiled with Worldgorger Dragon enter the battlefield.
  7. Target Worldgorger Dragon with Necromancy, have this ability stay on the stack and in response, tap all lands you control and activate any abilities of permanents you control.
  8. Let everything resolve.
  9. Repeat steps 3-8.

Note 1: Creatures entering the battlefield from exile have summoning sickness, so you cannot activate tap abilities of creatures that don't have haste.

Note 2: This combo is an unstoppable looping combo. What this means is that this combo will force the game to a draw as it will forever continue its iterations. The only way to stop it is to meet the following criteria:

  • Counter the abilities or Necromancy when it is a spell.
  • Remove Worldgorger Dragon in response to its ETB ability.
  • Have another creature in any graveyard.
  • Call a judge and ask what to do if the above cannot be met.