Slate Street Ruffian

Slate Street Ruffian

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Creature — Human Warrior

Whenever Slate Street Ruffian becomes blocked, defending player discards a card.

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Slate Street Ruffian Discussion

DragonbornTebo on I am looking for advice ...

7 months ago

Here is my deck. It's green, black, white...

Commander: Teneb, the Harvester

Basic lands: 14 Swamps, 11 Forests, 11 Plains = 36 total.

Non-basic lands: Rogue's Passage , Cavern of Souls , Golgari Guildgate , Selesnya Guildgate , Overgrown Tomb , Transguild Promenade , Radiant Fountain = 7 total.

Planeswalkers: Liliana Vess , Vraska the Unseen , Garruk, Caller of Beasts , Sorin, Lord of Innistrad = 4 total.

Creatures: Troll Ascetic , Deathrite Shaman , Slate Street Ruffian , Thrill-Kill Assassin , Archetype of Courage , Fiendslayer Paladin , Golden Hind , Mwonvuli Beast Tracker , Aegis of the Gods , Bassara Tower Archer , Imposing Sovereign , Grim Roustabout , Manor Skeleton , Avacyn's Pilgrim , Elvish Piper , Sepulchral Primordial , Champion of Stray Souls , Hunted Troll , Eidolon of Rhetoric , Witchstalker , Liliana's Reaver , King Macar, the Gold-Cursed , Archetype of Finality , Pharika's Mender , Dread Slaver , Visara the Dreadful , Sisters of Stone Death , Archetype of Endurance , Xathrid Gorgon , Hythonia the Cruel , Reaper of the Wilds , Polukranos, World Eater , Soul of Innistrad , Sheoldred, Whispering One , Lord of the Void , Avacyn, Angel of Hope = 36 total.

Spells: Deadbridge Chant , Congregate , Ordeal of Heliod , Holy Mantle , Planar Cleansing , Conjurer's Closet , Immortal Servitude , Away + Far , Dirty + Down , Mortal's Resolve , Ranger's Guile , Ghoulcaller's Chant , Extinguish All Hope , Rise of the Dark Realms , Fated Return , Undercity Plague = 16 total.

Problem seems to be that it's just hard to get the lands just right and idk. It works well in multiplayer, but when i get aggro i am screwed.

Advocate on

7 months ago

Running 4 Urborg seems really unnecessary, casting double BB should be easy enough for you and it is a Legendary so multiple copies are going to be useless.

Liliana's Reaver Rakdos's Return Slate Street Ruffian and Tormented Thoughts Seem like they could be decent additions.

Looking for suggestions on my new brew for FNM if you can take a look.

Bant Lifegain Combo Playtest

Standard Advocate


RobertFischer on Rack and Slash

7 months ago

Cards that act as blocks or discouraging attacks don't work with this deck. The whole theory is that the creatures themselves are doing damage. If the creatures aren't doing damage, you can accomplish whatever they are doing for easier in other ways.

I looked at Slate Street Ruffian , but you're at a 3 CMC with nothing making it easier to get damage through (flying) and a 2 toughness body, so you're probably looking at a 1/1 trade there. You'd be better off with a straight up discard card (Wrench Mind ).

I've found Quest for the Nihil Stone , like Bloodchief Ascension , to be really slow. Simply too many conditionals to get it to fire. Thrull Surgeon is simply too mana expensive for the pay-off. Abyssal Nocturnus pumps at the wrong time for this deck, since dealing combat damage kicks off the discard. It's also got no synergy with Ghastlord of Fugue .

(Bloodchief Ascension is useful against burn, however...assuming you survive long enough. Short of Leyline of Sanctity , I'm not sure how else to handle burn.)

That said, Augur of Skulls is a very strong contender: I should have remembered him when discussing the mono-black approach. It's straight discard with bonus chump block, with no straight damage...but it'd work. Black Cat and Drainpipe Vermin might discourage attacks early in the game, but they're expensive and ultimately a 1-1 in terms of cards, with versatility and little chance of doing damage, so they're out.

I'd not seen Stronghold Rats , but that's practically made for the mono-black variant of this deck.

Cry of Contrition would work well in this deck, in that it'd set up discard-if-you-do/discard-if-you-don't double binds. And it would pop automatically with Augur of Skulls .

Replacing a creature with Cry of Contrition probably isn't good, though... In playing between this, vanilla 8-Rack, and 8Rakdos, I've found that you really want to use many instants or sorceries, then you have to go creatureless. As normal 8-Rack and 8Rakdos play out, the opponent is probably sitting there with creature removal and no targets to hit. Running just a few creatures means that you're effectively doing a 1-for-1 discard, but those are cheaper to do than 2 CMC creatures. (I don't run Bob, for instance, because he dies immediately to removal.) In creatureless 8-Rack/8Rakdos, you end up with those removal spells being buffers that ease the pain of discard. That buys your opponent time, but at the cost of dead draws. So I was trying to go the other direction, and see if I could draw the removal and still push through creature damage.

Another problem that discard decks have (which I'm trying to solve) is that aggro will often get their creatures onto the field ASAP, before the control really has time to take. Ur-Delver is the classic example of this. Running the 8-of charms gave me the +2/-1 in order to wipe out those utility creatures that make things truly obnoxious later on, with Dreadbore being plan B. This is why I was concerned about the 3 mana: if I have to wait until turn 3 to do creature removal against an aggro deck, I'm sunk. If I have to bank on being able to discard their aggro threats before they can play them, I'm sunk. Hence running Disfigure in its place: that would still allow me to wipe out their utility creatures.

The mono-black approach is really interesting, though. I could probably reduce the overall number of lands and add in some more creatures, too...especially if they were cheap. But Sedraxis Specter and Rakdos Augermage are so good and do so much damage...I'll miss them.

PloughedJester on Rack and Slash

7 months ago

I'd like to lead with the fact that I'm not saying mono-black would be better, but just that it would work well.

For your Specter, I wouldn't recommend either Specter you mentioned, but if unearth is your preference, maybe Rotting Rats suits well, though it pains you a bit as well. I also don't think Ravenous Rats is a bad choice, but you were clearly after ninjutsu jumps... but I see that card is gone now and replaced with Ghastlord... probably a good call overall. Was going to recommend Slate Street Ruffian or Stronghold Rats for that. I also like Abyssal Nocturnus in general.

Piracy Charm is admittedly pretty great... It's just so versatile. But if it were going to be mono-black, there are tons of options, from the overused Thoughtseize to Duress , Inquisition of Kozilek , or many others. My personal favorites for modern are Cry of Contrition and Raven's Crime , with Horrifying Revelation at a close third. Also, another direction might be Dream Salvage , but that looses viability in the mid- to late-game.

Rakdos Augermage's repeatable discard is nice, but not instant speed nice like shortfang. However, there are still some good adds in it's place. Dimir Guildmage comes to mind. it's ability is pricey, but good later... admittedly, that isn't when it's most useful, but at least it doesn't require you to discard. Augur of Skulls is a great blocker, as you can regen him if needed then pop him once you own the field. Thrull Surgeon is ok, but doesn't chump like Black Cat and Drainpipe Vermin , which may discourage attackers as a bonus for early game. Nezumi Bone-Reader is another good option. Last, more no card damage in Quest for the Nihil Stone .

Anyways, if running to mono-black, I think the Hero's Downfall is quite affordable, but regardless, you're playing control, so they shouldn't be getting to play much, and I think the planeswalker won't take too much work, especially if they're down to 0 cards in hand, just hit it with the ghastlord or stronghold rats. Then just run a 2 cost creature kill. I was under the assumption that the wincon is the multitudes of no hand pain. once you get there, you kind-of just have to wait.

Only 10 of your 22 lands are not slow, so in reality, this deck will start a fair bit slower than mono-black with a few one cmc higher cards. I think quicker lands would be much better but can be quite costly. Also, cutting it back to U/B or B/R will pick up your mana pacing too. And if someone wanted, this could become a rats/rack deck fairly readily. It's a great concept with a lot of versatile options for builds.

ColtPale on Put your hands where I can see them

8 months ago

A couple cards I'm considering for my deck...

Tormented Thoughts - sac Master of the Feast after combat on T4. Your opponent will either have to drop their entire hand or will only have one or two cards left at which point you Thoughtseize . Huge bump if you have Waste Not on the board

Slate Street Ruffian - block or not, either choice is bad for them

OcelotProblems on Test Black Discard Deck

8 months ago

Not a fan of Black Cat since he's terrible. He could be less terrible if you have a way to kill him off like Altar's Reap or Undercity Informer , which could fill the spot currently held by Cremate . I think that would be fun to combo up with Dictate of Erebos . Better yet, replace it with something like Ashiok's Adept and then later enchant it with Ordeal of Erebos for some discard to go with that discard, Drainpipe Vermin is essentially the same card as Black Cat except you can cast it turn 1. I briefly considered Tormented Thoughts but you don't have a creature that would be beneficial to kill off at that mana cost.

Down / Dirty is a slightly more expensive Mind Rot if you are into that kind of thing. (I'm not). However, maybe you could make Mental Vapors a thing. Try it on a creature like Xathrid Slyblade for hexproof shenanigans.

Disciple of Phenax could be a defensive drop that causes discard. Slate Street Ruffian could also be a pain for them.

Balustrade Spy isn't exactly discard, but he'd combo well with Rise of the Dark Realms

I'm a huge fan of Bile Blight as a replacement for Doom Blade .

kylothian on 2014-10-06 update of Need a ...

10 months ago

yeah maybe not sure yet. also if I'm playing it the only way it'd benefit me is if i play it with Wrench Mind or Mindrot ,because then i draw two cards it replaces itself and the discard, but if i'm playing it and a Thoughtseize i only draw 1 card. which wouldn't be worth it because then it only replaced itself and i spent mana to do it when i could've just had a different card to begin with and not pay mana.

If i was playing multiple discard spells in combo with the card it would pay off ,but by the time i have the mana to do that my hand is pretty much empty.

If i modified my deck to use creatures like Slate Street Ruffian and have discard spells then it'd work very well because i could play a discard, attack, and then play it.and if the discard spell was wrench mind i'd be drawing 3 crads which is very much worth it.

thats theory though sometimes testing smacks you in the face.

shinokyofu on

11 months ago

I'm not sure Chandra's Phoenix will be doing a lot for you with only Skullcrack to bring it back. I would almost recommend a couple Flame-Wreathed Phoenix instead of a couple of Chandra's, but I'm not sure. I would also suggest Slate Street Ruffian , and maybe a Cryptborn Horror or two on sideboard. Additionally, some more burn and low drop creatures wouldn't be amiss, I don't think.

Power / Toughness 2/2
Color(s) Black
Cost 2B
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 8.04
Avg. cube pick 5.22


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska Common
Gatecrash Common

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