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Slate Street Ruffian

Slate Street Ruffian

Creature — Human Warrior

Whenever Slate Street Ruffian becomes blocked, defending player discards a card.

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Slate Street Ruffian Discussion

StanleyHartman on 2014-04-13 update of Nihilist (Budget)

3 weeks ago

Looks fun! Ravenous Rats is a black cat that doesn't have to die, and Slate Street Ruffian may have a home here as well, possibly netting multiple discards or some decent damage. There's always Thoughtseize , although it's a bit expensive real money wise. +1 from me for originality and fun factor!

Arcanis86 on Empty Hand

2 months ago

You have a mix of Mill and discard, you should concentrate in only one these!

If Shrieking Affliction is your key card I say go for discard...the 2 Jace, Memory Adept you have should be enough for a plan B win (Mill as 2nd win con). Knowing that Elixir of Immortality is stardard playable mill really should be your 2nd strategy.

Said that cards like Phenax, God of Deception, Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver and Nightveil Specter (great cards by the way) are no good for discard. You should look to cards like Disciple of Phenax (works as control and discard), Lifebane Zombie (at least for sideboard), or even Slate Street Ruffian may have a chance on this...

Warmonger on 2014-02-18 update of It's Miller ...

2 months ago

Codex Shredder is great against scry. When they keep the cards they scry, Shred it. After about 2 or 3 times, they try to fool you and leave something they don't want on top, so stop for a few minutes, then go back to it. Keep them guessing.

I agree with DMRxITxUP about the consistency. Yes, you need functionality, but you should try to maximize those functions with repetition, not random variety. Anything that can make a huge difference should be maximized.

I also agree with -Logician about removing the unnecessary creature cards. Sage's Row Denizen , Slate Street Ruffian , Syndicate Enforcer , Gutter Skulk , Horror of the Dim - none of these help toward accomplishing the Mill win condition.

Max our cards like Doorkeeper to mill and Wall of Frost to stall the board. Bump up to 4x of Pilfered Plans , Psychic Strike , Tome Scour , Breaking / Entering , and Mind Grind . This gives you room for about 8 more cards to make 36 spells, giving room for 24 lands.

raca137 on Super Cruel Discard Budget Deck

3 months ago

if Shrieking Affliction is the win condition, then we need the whole deck to focus on it.

Nighthowler is an amazing creature to put on any creature. It also works well with the discard theme.

i would drop the 2 ordeals and 2 diabolic tutors for 2 Nighthowler and 2 Slate Street Ruffian they fit better on the curve and follow the discard plan better. Nighthowler can really punish a deck that has a ton of creatures in it.

Chawesome on 2014-02-05 update of discard your ...

4 months ago

I dont play FNM so im not too sure what the deck conditions are but in my mill that i play i run Liliana's Caress , Jace's Erasure , and Memory Erosion . That combo usually mills a few cards but also chunks them for health whether its your turn or their's. Coerced Confession and Dream Twist are pretty good cards to run too. Dream Twist for the flashback lets you mill 6 for 3 mana. Creature wise i run early drops like Jace's Phantasm and Deathcult Rogue which go well with cipher cards like Paranoid Delusions . Liliana's Specter and Slate Street Ruffian are decent early drops too. Mill cards that let you draw such as Thought Scour piggybacks off Jace's Erasure well. A Stern Mentor paired with Augur of Skulls is a win too. I also have Helm of the Ghastlord and Mind Sludge too. This is my casual mill deck Mill and sap their life

Morality on You want to do what to my hand?

4 months ago

Crypt Incursion Is a nice idea, I guess it could stall games where the creatures actually stay in the graveyard, but every single game where it would be the most useful (midrange decks) usually use stuff to utilize graveyard, like Scavenging Ooze . I do admit it could have its uses.

The usefulness of Dark Favor is very apparent to me, I run a deck with it and know exactly how deadly it can be. However, my current plays in MTGO have proven Daggerdrome Imp to be quite useless even with Mental Vapors in play, because of how late it's relevant. So no to that.

Slate Street Ruffian and Ordeal of Erebos is a combo I might try out, I'm already finding ways to utilize Ordeal, and it's useful even on a Drainpipe Vermin . So I might try out slate-street ruffian eventually. I'm updating the deck with its description now to meet the latest version..

Unsuriati on You want to do what to my hand?

4 months ago

I was trying to run a RBW with this theme, but I just messed it up too much, have you thought about Slate Street Ruffian ? Toss an Ordeal of Erebos on him, and it goes pretty nicely.

Sasan on

5 months ago

Slate Street Ruffian is pretty cool, I would suggest removing the vermins for him, since you have enough one-drops with duress and thoughtseize Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.13 $0.63 $0.24
Power / Toughness 2/2
Color(s) B
Cost 2B
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 8.74
Avg. cube pick 4.76


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common