Grixis Battlemage

Grixis Battlemage

Creature — Human Wizard

(Blue), Tap: Draw a card, then discard a card.

(Red), Tap: Target creature can't block this turn.

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Grixis Battlemage Discussion

Alkadron on A dragon reading books, that's madness!

5 years ago

Hah, Psychosis Crawler mono-white burn sounds hilarious.

I get what you mean about wanting low-power level, and it makes perfect sense to dodge cards like Megrim to that end. But still... Alms of the Vein is just... always a disappointing card to draw.

I run a Grixis Battlemage Pauper EDH deck (uncommon commander, common 99), that's heavily madness themed. Even among nothing but commons, and always having a madness outlet for it, Alms of the Vein wasn't good enough for the deck. It's that bad.

With respect to sometimes missing the madness cards and sometimes missing the madness enablers: I guess, try to focus mostly on looter-style madness enablers (like the Grixis Battlemage). Putting more of those in will help you draw into them, and then they'll help you draw into the madness cards.

Good luck, and thanks for sticking to the "low-powered casual decks for fun games with new players" niche - It's my favorite niche, and I love it when people want to stay there. :)

Alkadron on A dragon reading books, that's madness!

5 years ago

I really like the plan!

I'm just here to say that Alms of the Vein is really terrible. Like, aggressively so.

Megrim is not terrible.

Also, Chandra's Ignition is hilarious with Nicol Bolas.

Grixis Battlemage is a pretty solid Looter, if you find you need more of those.

bspymaster on A Grixis Mage's Tool Pack

5 years ago

I like the idea of Nin, the Pain Artist. I'm not so sure about Grixis Battlemage because that seems more like cylcing through my own deck (there's enough draw here that I shouldn't need to cycle), and attacking with creatures (which is a secondary objective).

imperium0214 on A Grixis Mage's Tool Pack

5 years ago


Grixis is one of my favorite color combinations and I loved the description. :)

Using Nekusar with infect is just evil. Especially with some draw spells. Showed me a cool defensive idea or too as well which is something my deck has struggled with.

If you like torture and power, have you considered Nin, the Pain Artist or Grixis Battlemage ? Like this deck and upvoted.

I've been slowly putting my own Nekusar deck together for a bit now in Losing Your Mind

thewyzman on pauper EDH

5 years ago

Decent primer, I'll keep it in favorites for a while.

Commanders I'm looking at are Aerie Mystics or Bant Battlemage and building a controlish tempo deck with a pack of fatties to threaten combats, Naya Battlemage in a more creature-heavy -but similar- fashion (maybe even taking an Impact Tremors/token route)... Mistmeadow Witch in a U/W Control archetype... Blood Cultist cruel control... Nulltread Gargantuan is an idea since a 5/6 commander for effectively 4 mana doesn't seem bad in a combo-friendly guild, or Selkie Hedge-Mage in tempo... enchant voltron Ascended Lawmage seems perhaps the most powerful deck... Grixis Battlemage gives inherent card and combat tricks, so a tempo deck seems plausible... and lastly Woolly Thoctar, like Nulltread above, is an all-beef patty for chump change.

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