Let's build around Unplayable Commanders; Jiwari, the Earth Aflame

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Posted on Dec. 8, 2016, 1:35 p.m. by joecool1299

Ladies and gentlemen, today is a special day. Linvala, the Preserver has finally been considered not terrible enough to leave the Asylum. Go now and join the other 10'000 commanders that aren't Meren of Clan Nel Toth and be forgotten about! May your subpar mono white decks bless the people that play them!

What makes an Unplayable commander?

I'm using EDHREC'S list of Unplayable commander's. They are commander's that have less then three decks on tapped out, you can find the list here. The List hasn't been updated since last year so some commanders may not be "Unplayable" anymore

List of EDHREC unplayed commanders

Casual ooctopus


How does this work?

I'll randomly select a commander. I'll build the rough skeleton. You send me suggestions for weird cards for it. And we'll cut it down and ship it. Let's put the minds of the internet to the test

Why would you build around (Insert bad commander) when you could play (Insert better commander in the same archetype or colors) instead, what's the point?

First off the object should not be to just build good stuff with X. If we're building Rohgahh of Kher Keep we aren't building R/B good stuff. We're building around Rohgahh of Kher Keep. Weird drawbacks and neat side effects and all.

Because if you limit yourself to just the best deck of their colors, you limit yourself to 30 decks in the entirety of the format (Mono color, guilds, shards ect), But the great thing about commander is that there are hundreds of ways to build around one commander. I can build Zedruu the Greathearted as a prison deck, a evil santa deck, a group hug deck, Heck I could build voltron Zedruu, Sky's the limit.

So instead of simply looking at the cards and seeing what they aren't, let's look and see what they bring to the table. No matter how bad it looks. No matter how weird it is.

Plus it'll be a lot of fun.

TLDR; What's the deck already

For Channel, the most Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mechanic of Kamigawa block (And thats saying something)

Jiwari, the Earth Aflame

Now Ignore the channel affect for a sec. This guy is Blaze for creatures on a stick. Thats not bad. Mono red control???

Jiwari, Dr Wily's favorite robot master!

Commander / EDH* joecool1299


As always any Suggestions for the deck, feedback, Liking and spreadage of the word is great appreciated!

Here's the previous decks if you wanna stroll the Asylum. Ranked for best to worst.

Actually Playable

Gallowbraid: Because if you laugh you die

Kentaro, the Smiling Cat: Kentaro, the smiling troll

Yuan Shao, the Indecisive: Yuan Shao the menacer

Not the worst?

Chandler: Chandler's list

Kodama of the Center Tree: Spetral Trees

Grandmother Sengir: Nana Death

Rashka the Slayer:Rashka, Color hater

LOL At least you tried

Telim'Tor: Mr Toilet, King of the horsemen

Lu Su, Wu Advisor: Lu shu, Scooby doo

Ur-Drago: Ur Drago of the Ur dragon clan

Nagao, Bound by Honor: Samurai are cool right?

Liu Bei, Lord of Shu: Liu bei, the trilogy maker


Was Swampwalk so bad back in the day that WotC thought a 4/4 warranted 7 mana just to stop it? I can't possibly begin to understand this card's conception.

December 8, 2016 2:02 p.m.

joecool1299 says... #3

JerichoDarkstar Oh Yes. Don't you know land walk was so overpowered they needed one for Plainswalk and Islandwalk too! Not Mountain or Forestwalk though. We just need cards to shut down Aysen Highway. Too OP

(And yes, They are also on the list. Help me!)

December 8, 2016 2:28 p.m.

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