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Lu shu, Scooby doo

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Scooby dooby Lu Shu. Where are you? We got some cards to draw now.

Usually this is the part where I write a novel about my deck but this ones pretty straight forward. (Well for me) Lu shu, wu advisor goes best in a mono blue mill deck. You need time to set up your kill and card draw to find what you need. Lu Shu does both. And with stuff life Retreat to Coralhelm and Aphetto Alchemist we can do it multiple times. Never underestimate the power of drawing an extra card or two turn.

We even get to run Mind Over Matter. To go infinite and draw our entire deck.

Other then that the decks pretty simple. Sit back milling one opponent out incidentally, (Sanity Grinding Grindstone Mesmeric Orb) while everybody looks at your "Cute deck" and kill each other. Then when that person is the only one left, seal the deal with cards like Psychic Spiral, Keening Stone or Startled Awake   .

That's about it. It's fun, quirky and probably worth a try..... If a certain Lady of the scrolls wasn't basically better in every way. Sorry Scooby Doo but at least you have one mystery machine.

This is another deck in my series of unplayable commanders.

For what that is as well as to suggest cards for this, Click here!


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