Najeela's Hulk Pod Project (cEDH Primer)

Commander / EDH Winterblast

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Discovered a new Hulk line —Oct. 10, 2018

When I started brewing this deck I always thought about the big "what if" situations that would prevent a sure win...we all know that drawing certain cards sucks a lot in a Hulk deck. In the beginning I added more combo pieces to work around stupid situations but eventually found that these situations were often too rare to warrant adding more cards to the deck. Yesterday I thought about the case of "Karmic Guide stuck in hand" and possible ways to get around that situation other than the rather weird Oddsmaker line. Especially finding a way to solve this situation post-combat and maybe even at instant speed was what bugged me.

So, here it is, the spicy, manaless, possibly instant speed solution to a Karmic Guide in my hand:

  1. Get Body Double / Viscera Seer , Body Double enters as Protean Hulk
  2. Sac Body Double to get Derevi, Empyrial Tactician / Eternal Witness , Eternal Witness gets Flash back to hand, ETB of Derevi untaps a mana source
  3. Cast Flash again to put Karmic Guide into play - it is already in the gy when the ETB trigger goes on the stack, so it reanimates itself and then Protean Hulk
  4. Sac Hulk to find the winning combo

I have already added it to the primer because it's pretty hilarious imo. Obviously this works only in this specific deck because we have Derevi already in the list. It takes one generic mana in addition to ETB untap of Derevi, then it can be pulled off at instant speed. The line is completely manaless if there's for example Bloom Tender in play or if we can still attack to untap more permanents with Derevi.

I'm currently testing Eldritch Evolution instead of Druids' Repository . It could get Derevi from a dork, also Loyal Retainers, Edric, Tymna, Manglehorn, Mindcensor, Oddsmaker...from a cmc 3 creature it would get reanimation in the form of Karmic Guide/Body Double or Felidar/Kiki if that's a better choice. It would mostly get the backup combo, gas or reanimation, which is why I will try swapping it in for the standalone backup combo piece . The background for the choice is that I can't remember having won a game with repository so far.

DanTheBear says... #1

I honestly have no idea what to say about this deck. It looks cool thou and I gave you an upvote.

October 9, 2018 10:56 a.m.