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Winter! After putting in the helm and rest in piece combo and taking out a few troublesome cards atraxa has been doing way Better! So thank you for the help! Still need to get the money needed for the mana rocks I want/ need. And for some solid replacement cards. But over all it's become even stronger. And I have you to thank sir!

March 8, 2018 11:19 a.m.

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jacb007 the deck isn't about jus tmilling, otherwise it would indeed be sort of weak...especially because a lot of decks don't care about getting stuff dropped into the gy, some would even go off faster. I'll probably cut the scroll rack today (because it doesn't do as much with the big uba mask plan) and get one more slot for cyclonic rift or another counter to fight the things that would shut down my own strategy.

As for torpor orb, I did like it much a while ago but ETB effects aren't THAT much of a problem, at least shutting down only ETB effects doesn't hurt a lot of decks as much as for example Cursed Totem. Especially in my local meta I see other players still have torpor orb in several decks, so I'm pretty safe with dropping it - there's a high chance someone else at the table has either no problem with torpor orb or even casts one themselves.

What I've done though is exchange some of the anti-creature stuff to top level hate: originally I build this deck to have a blue heavy deck that makes good use of my English Invoke Prejudice but after playing Circu for a while it's too much of a pet card to keep it in there. Instead I've chosen The Abyss and also removed thing in the ice to make room for my spare The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale...and one swamp was switched to Urborg. This means +1 land in total and The Abyss lands on my buylist.

March 14, 2018 6:58 a.m.

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These cards aren't really relevant in multiplayer because they are not shutting down anything in a way that is strong enough to justify the slot in a deck. If Circu is unavailable for some weird reason I can still mill everyone with dramatic scepter and pyxis or codex shredder or ghoulcaller's bell. Or set up a paradox engine/scepter loop or draw the deck with engine/div top/voltaic key and loop timetwister with codex shredder and mill everyone into exile with uba mask...

March 9, 2018 8:38 a.m.

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StonedJesus you might have overlooked that the Commander is the outlet for dramatic don't need another payoff for the infinite spells, you just use the mana to cast Circu and exile everyone's library. That's the big trick here and the reason why Circu is the commander

March 9, 2018 7:49 a.m.

Yes, that's an old update...and I might have to clear something up in the deck description as well because the deck has changed quite a bit.

My general approach now is far less focused on achieving a boardstate that is an unescapable lock (even though getting rid of the lands while removing most or even all nonland permanents in combination with taxing effects can pretty much result in a lock) or answering all possible threats but rather to just slow down the game to a pace that is comfortable for this deck until pulling off the win cons is possible. This also means giving up some pieces for covering ALL possible threats in favour of more consistency in form of carddraw, card selection and Tutors.

tbh I wouldn't run ANY of the effects that prevent untapping because Augustin does nothing to break parity under these effects and everything in the 99 has to be found first. Green decks will always outrace you unless you get combo-like parity breakers imo it's best to go for a completely different stax strategy, tax and destroy (or bounce). Mana Breach is one of the pieces that fit into that strategy. Looking at your deck I don't know if it really fits though.

If you have a look at my Cards that meddle with lands, you can see the two MLD spells you have too, Land Equilibrium, Mana Breach, back to basics. On top of that there are tax effects one of which is the commander. just looking at lands, the taxing effects push People to Play more lands in order to cast spells (also to re-cast bounced mana rocks/dorks for example). Armageddon and Ravages punish People for playing too many lands, land Equilibrium prevents land drops beyond the number of lands I have in play (which is usually very few) and mana breach both sets people's land Count back for each spell and also helps in getting my own lands away from the battlefield to make Land Equilibrium more effective. mana breached lands also help me with scroll rack because I can turn the bounced lands into carddraw. Back to Basics is the odd one out here because bouncing and dropping lands again would get around the don't untap effect...but it's a strong enough effect on ist own, often just as good as destroying the lands. These effects all interact with each other and punish people for trying to evade one of the effects. dealing with nonland mana sources is what needs to be adressed then, so that's why I am currently testing the weird looking aether gale for example.

I don't think the alternative win con is good there. blind obedience is good on its own, I haven't found a slot for it in my deck though...worth a try though. serra ascendant is also a good card but only useful if you actively want to lower life totals of players who need a certain amount of life to work, if they want to cast ad nauseam for example. for saving yourself it's probably better to just win instead of trying to fight damage based win cons with lifelink. I had more creatures in the deck for a while, serra ascendant, monastery Mentor and more, to be able to beat face really hard under a soft lock but eventually all that dmg usually wasn't enough to win by combat and the wasted slots made the stax/combo strategy less consistent. I already have alternatives for winning, there's helm/rip, metalworker/staff, Monolith/rings (+ divining top or staff or stroke) and paradox engine and staff for manually storming through the deck or engine + voltaic key + divining top for infinite draw...pieces are shared between these combos and another alternative win con like felidar doesn't do anything for them.

March 6, 2018 7:43 a.m.

Nietzsky I'll answer your Points one by one:

1) power artifact is another Piece for infinite (colorless) mana but the Problem with it is that it doesn't do anything at all without one of the 2 Monoliths. I want to minimize the dead draws, and the other Combo pieces have their own use at least, Monoliths as mana rocks, rings for doubling all other sorts of activiated abilities from fetchlands to planeswalkers, paradox engine for overcoming all taxes and playing everything in the hand, staff of Domination for getting small effects out of mana left at the end of turns and to storm off manually with paradox engine...power artifact is just dead in the Hand without the other Combo part and even then you Need a mana sink (because the commander isn't)

2) SoFI might have been considered long ago but has been cut along with several other Cards that focused too much on lock/beatdown in Addition to Combo kills. The only Equiment I consider at the Moment is umezawa's jitte to Keep mana dorks and hatebears in check repeatedly (maybe instead of swords to plowshares). sword of feast an famine is irrelevant here because I don't run winter orb and I usually don't have many (or even any) lands in Play to benefit from the untapping. Winter orb is bad in this deck because the commander itself doesn't break parity under that effect - back to basics is better because I just Need to Keep it in mind when I consider my land Drops.

3) nope, reactive slots will be used for counterspells and not for a completely passive Action. My land removals are already asymmetrical because of the massive amount of nonland mana sources (yes, I die to null rod if I can't remove it) so I don't Need a two Card Combo to break parity on that. if an Opponent wants to remove something from my board it's better to just Counter that spell instead of removing myself from the game for a turn (and teferi's protection can be countered too)

4) Torpor orb is not that important anymore compared to cursed totem. I had it in the deck but eventually it became obsolete because ETB effects became less important when other decks became played more and quite a few of them pack Torpor orb themselves. If I need a complete shutdown of creature based strategies I will get Humility...I've added idyllic Tutor to the deck to get more felxibility with the enchantments as silver bullets.

March 6, 2018 3:55 a.m.


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