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Kaho and the Almighty Maniac

Commander / EDH


Mana Severance combo, inspired by bah-bammmm's mana severence deck.


, who had the most badass description a deck can ever have. It brings me sadness to say that the deck has been removed, or i just can't find it on tapped out anymore. Nonetheless, I have pushed forward, and created my own variant that will win on turn 6 no matter what you're faced with. . . So long as your opponents don't have 3 removal spells and/or counters.


Turn 1: draw land, play land

Turn 2: draw land, play land

Turn 3: draw land, play land

Turn 4: draw land, play land. Play Kaho, Minamo Historian searching for Mystical Tutor , Cerulean Wisps , and Frantic Search

Turn 5: untap being able to use Mystical Tutor searching Mana Severance to the top of your library. Draw, and play Mana Severance . Exiling all but 4 card from your library. Play land, end turn.

Turn 6: draw card, play land. Cast Cerulean Wisps untapping Kaho, leaving you with 2 cards left in deck. Cast frantic search discarding 2 lands. Cast Laboratory Maniac , followed by Brainstorm . Assuming no one attempts to interrupt you, you should have Gush and Swan Song available to cast. WIN GAME!!!


On the off chance you end up drawing a nonland before you cast Mana Severance will alter the above guide. If you do end up using this strategy, you will want to switch out to a different deck since everyone will be on to your strategy.

Thank you for you time.


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