This Doll deck is built to destroy your opponent by dealing damage to yourself. Its fun to play, especially when it is unexpected. Pariah/Pariah's Shield go on Stuffy Doll, pain lands are there to add damage for that combo. Voodoo Doll works really well if you have Pariah-Stuffy Doll up. Lodestone Myr is there to tap down Voodoo Doll if Pariah gets taken away. Nemesis Mask goes onto Creepy Doll to possibly take out threats instead of having Creepy Doll just be an expensive blocker. This can also help Lodestone Myr get through. The artifact lands allow Lodestone Myr to power up if nothing else is working and can be tutored with Enlightened Tutor (as can everything else in the deck) if you just need that one more land next turn.


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Took out two pariah and added two Guilty Conscience as was suggested. Goes really well with Stuffy Doll.

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