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By and far the strongest draft deck I've made to date. Went 2-1 but should've gone 3-0...story below!

Pack 1 pick 1 Lonis, Cryptozoologist . Pack 2 pick 2 Academy Manufactor . My driver's license would be revoked if I didn't follow these signposts...if I had one to begin with.

Very funny quirky combos: Academy Manufactor + Search the Premises : your board of squirrels means NOTHING to me Fae Offering + Wavesifter (+Manufactor): Offering is its own noncreature spell, while evoking Wavesifter still counts it as a creature spell. With Manufactor, that's 15 tokens in one turn.

Between 2x Tanglepool Bridge , basic landcycling from Orchard Strider and Mental Journey , and treasures, this deck never got mana screwed.

The match I lost, I got blown out by Chatterstorm after mass casting spells on my turn. And then, Mirari's Wake . Problem is...neither player noticed the SORCERY SPEED restriction of Chatterstorm and didn't notice until the next game. My opponent wouldn't have had enough aggression/blockers to win otherwise...always read the card! All in all great games, though.


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