Seeing if I can build around Coveted Falcon giving opponent Archfiend of the Dross at the last second to force a you lose condition.

Just hacking something together for now. Expect everything to be very clunky if it works at all.

The ideal setup is a board with Archfiend of the Dross cloaked and Coveted Falcon cloaked or disguised, and 6 mana ready. At your end step, uncloak Archfiend (doesn't have any oil counters on it because it didn't come into play), then undisguise Falcon giving opponent Archfiend. On their upkeep the Archfiend will trigger and they lose. Hopefully they can't remove it.

To get the Archfiend cloaked, I'm pushing Sultai for Vannifar, Evolved Enigma and Hide in Plain Sight and Cryptic Coat. I'm trying to set up the cloak targets with Case of the Stashed Skeleton and Sanguine Spy and The Reality Chip and the Surveil lands.

Etrata, Deadly Fugitive is more to help uncloak the noncreatures you might accidentally get cloaked along the way.

If you don't quite have the ideal setup, maybe you can donate an Archfiend with some oil counters on it, then get Glissa Sunslayer through blockers to remove the counters. If you get Glissa under the Cryptic Coat she'll be unblockable.

Gilded Pinions gives your cloaked attackers another way to evade blockers, and the treasure helps to ramp out the many 4 drops.

Massacre Girl, Known Killer is maybe the best choice for a sweeper given all the cloaking and the attack evasion. Wither will turn off Deathtouch on Glissa and Etrata though so be careful. But we don't want a sweeper that hits our flimsy 2/2s.

I don't think we want other kinds of draw selection like dedicated mill or Explore that reveals our topdecks. We want to set up topdecks rather than pull cards to hand, and we want to avoid unnecessary info on what's in the deck. Surveil is maybe acceptable so long as we're careful to make sure what info we're choosing to reveal when we put a card in the graveyard.

We also don't want ETB effects. We want many of our cards to get into play cloaked and then revealed later, when ETBs won't trigger.


Updates Add

I'm fitting in two Likeness Looters that can be used in the combo. If it copies an Archfiend of the Dross in the graveyard, it can be given to the opponent at the end of your turn to trigger the you lose ability. The opponent can't activate the sorcery-speed change copy ability before the lose trigger.

I'm also trying out Evolving Door as another tutor-like effect. The cloaked creatures are colorless, so it's easy to sac them to get out an Archfiend for the combo. Or you can sac an Archfiend that you might otherwise be stuck with to get a Looter or a Glissa Sunslayer or a Vannifar, Evolved Enigma. Maybe it's more reliable than Case of the Stashed Skeleton but so far it might be too costly.

To make room I'm taking out an Etrata and a Massacre Girl. I find they're less involved with what the deck is trying to do but I still want access to their interactions.


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