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Said on GBr Rigging Alara...


I'm having a lot more fun with this deck than I thought I would. Super janky though. Far too helpless in the first couple turns. But if it hits on turn 4 or 5 it's got real juice.

Tinkered with it a bit. Virtue of Persistence and Toxrill, the Corrosive feel a bit disappointing when I hit them from an Etali or a Rigging. They're weak as control cards too so I felt like swapping in Chaotic Transformation that is also a weak control card but is better at using the underwhelming Insect or Blood tokens from Old Rutstein (and hitting a Portal to Phyrexia from transforming a blood token is a much better control payoff than Toxrill). I almost want two Transformations in the deck but I have a nagging feeling that Gix's Command is important and I don't want to cut one of the other permanents for it.

Liliana of the Veil feels a bit better as a control card. Usually I don't want to discard a card unless I have a Portal in play, but if I have the option of transforming Lili into a Nissa later I can stomach passing without using her abilities for a while if I don't want the discard.

I'm also testing out one Anzrag, the Quake-Mole. It also enables the Rigging trigger on cheap mana, and it's a unique angle of threat that can get bonus Rigging tokens enabled. Olivia, Crimson Bride likes Anzrag too. Atraxa loves getting extra attacks. But even with all that if it's stuck on its own it doesn't have an ability that gets you unstuck like a Sheoldred or a Bramble Familiar or even a Shakedown Heavy can. Could easily be not good enough. The caves work really well. Playing the Invasion of Alara  Flip or hard casting the Atraxa is a bit hard but still consistent if you plan out your land plays carefully. Swapped out a couple Promising Vein for the Volatile Fault as the treasures are better for the deck than the basic land, and the extra ability to kill an opponent's man land is something that the deck might as well have as an option.

But overall this deck just wants to pull off a big Rigging play and then bully the opponent from there as hard as it can. If you need more than spot control to own the combats might as well concede.

April 11, 2024 12:30 a.m.

Said on GW Enchantment...


Seems pretty solid. Not sure there's really anything to change. GW enchantment decks have a pretty specific set of cards to work with.

I wonder if Invasion of Ikoria  Flip gives similar value to Invasion of Theros  Flip. Ikoria can put the Fang of Shigeki out on the board on turn 3 which is probably better than what Theros can do in the same situation. Theros can get the Hallowed Haunting which is probably an important play for the deck. Ikoria can get out a Kami on turn 4 if you don't have one. Theros can fetch the Naturalist. Ikoria flipping gives a kind of Overrun finishing ability for a cheaper go-wide deck like this. Theros flipping gives a value engine for your enchantments for longer grindier games.

If Ikoria is the play then maybe you'd want some Careful Cultivation for the possibility to channel out some extra ramp on turn 2 which opens up Ikoria to guarantee a Kami on turn 3. The extra ramp could maybe help with bigger X values later in the game.

Does the Banishing Slash work without any artifacts? I guess opponents might be hitting your cards with Get Lost.

If you're running into a lot of Boros Convoke, maybe you want the March of Otherworldly Light in the main deck to stop their Gleeful Demolition on turn 2.

April 3, 2024 1:51 a.m.

Said on UBg You Lose …...


It doesn't count as a sweeper, so you have it right, but it's basically taking up the sweeper slot. She does set up a repeatable removal like I need from a sweeper, but in the most janky way to think about it.

I need a sweeper that is one-sided so that I don't lose my key disguised creatures, since the critical core of the deck is hinged on the action of flipping the disguise creatures at the right time. Something straightforward like Deadly Cover-Up or Path of Peril that could be in that slot is just killing my own stuff and making it much harder to win even if I get to stall the opponent. My deck doesn't rebuild very well after sweeping my own stuff.

I don't see anything in Standard in Sultai colors that can really play that role the way I need. So I gotta try something jank. March of Swirling Mist maybe. The Phasing of Zhalfir maybe can preserve one of my key creatures from the jank sweep. But Massacre Girl, Known Killer does work with what this deck is doing. This deck gets an extra few creatures on the board on average than the opponent, and each of those creatures are Wither blockers where the opponent's creatures take on accumulating damage over time. The opponent's creatures don't get swept immediately, but eventually they get picked off by the plentiful 2/2s I can afford to chump with, and when they do I get to draw bonus cards.

It doesn't seem great at all, but then again I get to play with Massacre Girl, Known Killer which by itself is fun anyway.

April 2, 2024 9:44 p.m.

Said on UBg You Lose …...


Sneaky pull. Really great idea. I didn't realize there was a 3-mana clone effect in Standard.

Thinking about it I'd have to rethink the Etrata/Vannifar/Glissa legends cards to fit in Blade. If I need a plan b clone target for the Blade other than the Archfiend, my only real options are the Spy or a cloaked 2/2 ward guy. Glissa might not be a big loss to ditch for something more clone friendly, but Vannifar is pretty key for what the deck wants to do. Etrata is a bit in the middle.

Maybe the combo works better with more standard black board development creatures like Deep-Cavern Bat and Preacher of the Schism that work better with Blade than all the legends. My current layout maybe is too tryhard when simpler is better.

April 1, 2024 11:19 p.m.

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