Historic Merfolk Deck:

Deck Description:

  • Merfolk Creatures:
  • Kumena's Speaker, Mist-Cloaked Herald, and Merfolk Mistbinder establish an agile base, with Merrow Reejerey playing a crucial role in the deck's synergy.

  • Lords and Synergy:

  • Merfolk Mistbinder, Master of the Pearl Trident, and Deeproot Elite strengthen creatures, while Merrow Reejerey provides additional synergy by tapping additional permanents when other Merfolk creatures enter the battlefield.

  • Evasive Abilities and Efficient Attacks:

  • River Sneak and other creatures with evasive abilities maximize damage dealt to the opponent, especially when supported by Merrow Reejerey.

  • Collected Company and Merrow Reejerey:

  • Strategically use Collected Company to fetch Merrow Reejerey, triggering its ability to tap additional permanents when other Merfolk creatures enter the battlefield.

Primary Strategy with Emphasis on Merrow Reejerey:

  1. Efficient Mana Curve with Merrow Reejerey:
  2. Prioritize playing low-cost Merfolk creatures in the early turns, and then cast Merrow Reejerey to take advantage of its ability to tap additional permanents when other Merfolk creatures enter the battlefield.

  3. Activation of Merrow Reejerey's Abilities:

  4. Utilize Merrow Reejerey's ability to slow down the opponent, tapping problematic permanents, preventing effective blocks, or disrupting key spells.

  5. Collected Company with Merrow Reejerey:

  6. Reserve Collected Company for strategic moments, aiming to fetch Merrow Reejerey and other key creatures, providing a significant boost to the battlefield.

  7. Constant Pressure and Field Control:

  8. Maintain constant pressure on the opponent with efficient attacks while using Merrow Reejerey to control the field and gain a time advantage.

  9. Adaptation to Situations:

  10. Evaluate the game's situation and adapt the use of Merrow Reejerey accordingly, whether to control the field, accelerate your plays, or disrupt the opponent's strategy.

Emphasizing Merrow Reejerey not only strengthens your creatures but also provides tactical flexibility, making it a central piece in the deck's strategy. Make the most of its abilities to gain an edge over your opponent.


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