Ebon Praetor


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition II (ME2) Rare
Fallen Empires (FEM) Rare

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Ebon Praetor

Creature — Avatar

First strike, trample

At the beginning of your upkeep, put a -2/-2 counter on Ebon Praetor.

Sacrifice a creature: Remove a -2/-2 counter from Ebon Praetor. If the sacrificed creature was a Thrull, put a +1/+0 counter on Ebon Praetor. Play this ability only during your upkeep and only once each turn.

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Ebon Praetor Discussion

Wiggyman on Uh... Let Me Read Your Commander Real Quick...

1 week ago

carpecanum: I have actually been thinking about adding Ebon Praetor just for laughs. I have never heard of Soul Exchange, but it seems pretty good and I will at least try it out. Thanks for the suggestions!

carpecanum on Uh... Let Me Read Your Commander Real Quick...

1 week ago

Ebon Praetor and Soul Exchange maybe?

Ebon Praetor would mostly be for old school thrull flavor.

cdkime on Card creation challenge

3 months ago

Bountiful Garden


At the beginning of your upkeep, place a growth counter on Bountiful Garden.

Remove a growth counter from Bountiful Garden: You may play an additional land this turn.

Sacrifice Bountiful Garden: Search your library for a basic land card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your library.

Create a thrull designed to play well with Ebon Praetor.

StopShot on Proposing a new turn phase/step.

3 months ago

(First of all I'd like to state I am not a judge on any level, however given the simplicity of my idea for a new turn phase/step I implore you not to declare this a rules nightmare until you've read until the end of this post. Thank you!)

Before I start, the concept for this phase/step was inspired by the card Scarscale Ritual. The phase/step I'm proposing is much different from the Ritual, however; I bring it up because it will be faithful to the card's theme and I feel it can add more depth to playing Magic the Gathering. Do keep the theme of this card in mind as I go on.

The "Forgo Phase" (for lack of a better name) or (more accurately) the "Forgo Step" starts after "The Beginning of Combat Step" and before the "Declare Attackers Step."

Just like declaring an attacker or blocker for their respective steps the "Forgo Step" allows the active player to "forgo" a creature of their choice. (Or they can choose not to forgo similar to choosing not to attack or block as this is a non-mandatory action.) There are a few restrictions before a player can declare to forgo a creature:

.) The active player can not forgo more than 1 creature per combat phase.

.) The active player can not forgo a creature with summoning sickness unless that creature has haste.

.) The active player can never forgo a creature with toughness 2 or less.

.) The active player can never forgo a creature they don't control.

.) A player can not forgo a creature on another player's turn. Only on their own turn.

So what happens when you forgo a creature? By forgoing a creature the active player simply places a -2/-2 counter onto it or moves a -2/-2 counter from one creature they control onto another so long as the creature receiving the counter meets the above restrictions. Then at the end of the active player's turn that player draws a card for each -2/-2 counter on all creatures that player controls. (This ability always checks for -2/-2 counters at the beginning of that player's end step even if there are no creatures with -2/-2 counters that player controls and/or if that player didn't forgo a creature that turn. This ability doesn't trigger every end step for the same player, only on their own end step.)

So why on earth -2/-2 counters? Well as hideous as a -2/-2 counter sounds they're the best in terms of not causing unintended interactions. If under the same scenario it was two -1/-1 counters, creatures with undying would become incredibly advantageous and there would be ways to generate more -1/-1 counters through spells and abilities which would result in broken card draw. -2/-2 counters don't cancel out +1/+1 counters and there aren't any spells or abilities that can generate these counters either. (With exception to proliferate and Ebon Praetor, neither of which being efficient enough to be game-breaking under the parameters set.)

While designing this concept it was important that it would expand upon gameplay rather than narrow it. I understand that the effect to draw cards is powerful if designed poorly and that it can result in rapidly shifting metas, steer to unbalanced gameplay, and may eliminate the practicality of certain cards and/or entire deck archetypes altogether. To this extent, under these parameters set I feel this phase/step may fortunately lean more on the impractical side of usefulness. Nonetheless, I think adding a phase/step like this would be more interesting in multiplayer games like EDH and may add another layer of depth to how players manage their creatures and resources when playing the game.

Any thoughts on this concept or any concerns in terms of balance and design are well appreciated.

cdkime on Card creation challenge

3 months ago

Taiga Warden

Creature - Giant Druid

Trample, reach.

Overtaken X (If this creature isn't overtaken, put X +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes overtaken. At the beginning of your next main phase, remove all +1/+1 counters and sacrifice this creature. Add one mana of any color for each +1/+1 counter removed this way).


The giants of the hills learned to wield nature's strength. Nature's strength never learned to wield the giants.

Make a card that utilizes both -2/-2 counters and +1/+0 counters (such as those found in Ebon Praetor)

cdkime on Cards and Ideas From the ...

4 months ago

It being a completely negative mechanic is what makes it potentially interesting, as it could be put alongside otherwise powerful effects to make uniquely mana-costed creatures. As a recalcitrant Johnny, always enjoyed cards which are both powerful and terrible at the same time (there is a reason I built a Karona, False God EDH deck). Obviously last strike, without another ability, would not make for an interesting card, but with the right abilities? That's exactly the kind of card that begs for an interesting, unique constructed deck.

As for it being confusing, I disagree with your examples. Counters could theoretically be confusing, particularly during set design or prereleases, where people do not really know the cards--it is an additional number to keep track of, and the two cancel each other out. That said, unless someone is playing Ebon Praetor, which has weird counters that never cancel (they are not covered by Rule 121.3), I have never seen someone get overly confused by different +/- counters.

Horsemenship is not confusing, it was just an old mechanic before Wizards realized how big MTG would be. They were not planning for the future, and thinking one set at a time.

cdkime on The Worst Deck Ever Made

5 months ago


I also remembered another couple of cards which might be worth adding:

  • Ebon Praetor. Besides having one of the stranger card arts in the game, the card also places -2/-2 counters on itself (you heard that right! Not two -1/-1 counters, but one -2/-2 counter!), and can place +1/0 counters on itself (with a synergy that your deck does not have).

  • Descent into Madness

As for what to cut, I agree with cutting Teferi--I think he is too good for this deck. Norin I think fits well with the theme of this deck--he is a card with potential to be powerful, but only if carefully built around. I would be disinclined to cut him.

I would say cut Laboratory Maniac, as he is a powerful card, but then one of your few ways to win disappears. I do not think Cromat is necessarily a bad card, as it gives you tremendous utility. Sure, its casting cost is difficult, and keeping the mana open for it can be a pain, but it is still a decent enough card. Necropotence is easily among the best cards ever printed--there is a reason the thing is banned in Legacy and restricted in Vintage. I do not think it has any place in this deck.

Dredgelord on Altared Thrull

10 months ago

I hadn't come across that card before, actually! Ebon Praetor looks incredibly flavorful. I wouldn't include it in this build, however, due to it having a higher CMC than I'm looking for and not contributing to anything outside of being a beater (unless I'm missing a broken interaction).

Thank you for the suggestion, though!

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