Cursed Land

Cursed Land

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

At the beginning of the upkeep of enchanted land's controller, Cursed Land deals 1 damage to that player.

Cursed Land Discussion

Caerwyn on Will WotC Keep Life Loss ...

1 year ago

Yes--I think black having its own distinct feel and mechanic is important. I do not foresee Wizards abandoning life loss as a fundamental component of Black's identity.

Also, I take issue with your statement of "dealt damage in the past, but always when draining life": Artifact Possession, Choking Sands, Corpse Lunge, Curse Artifact, Curse of Thirst, Cursed Land, Dakmor Plague, Dead Reckoning, Desolation, Dry Spell, Evincar's Justice, Famine, Festering Evil (I think this is sufficient to prove my point, but I'm only at the letter F and there would be a lot more to copy and paste).

Teknetic on How to improve this?

3 years ago

Growing Ranks is green, so you have to cut that. You could probably also stand to drop 4-6 lands.

So this is more a macro thing about this deck's construction, but life gain really isn't going to help you in EDH. Something like Ajani's Vengeance is just a terrible card. Not only do you already start on 40 life, which is quite a bit to punch through, but the difference between 40 life, 100 life, and 1000 life is generally not super relevant in EDH games. Most decks run an infinite combo of some description to blow you out of the game, and even if they don't, commander damage doesn't care how much life you gained. So if you're running a card and the only thing it does is have enchantment typing and incidentally gain you some life, you should cut it.

After that, Cursed Land will likely never kill anyone, because 40 life is too much to work through, and it's only one damage a turn, also assuming they don't just sac the land to get rid of the enchantment. Hecatomb is not only absurdly expensive to get onto the table, but it's also way too slow. If you're running the white Honden, you should run the black one as well. All of the "Creatures can block an extra creature" cards can get pretty easily cut, considering you can just power out a bunch of blockers with Daxos.