Golgari "2" card wincon

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Posted on April 25, 2022, 4:26 a.m. by TypicalTimmy

Bootlegger's Stash

Revel in Riches

You need 10 lands or a way to produce a few more treasures, but hey with both land tutors and non-land tutors in these colors, that's easy to accomplish. Combo can be expanded with cards such as Parallel Lives or Doubling Season to increase the number of treasure tokens you generate, and thus reduce the number of lands you need.

TypicalTimmy says... #2

Even if your opponent end step's your Revel in Riches, just respond by making a bunch of treasure with Bootleggers' Stash. Then you'll have twice the amount of mana going into your next turn and you can likely win the good old pump-n-chump way.

April 25, 2022 4:31 a.m.

plakjekaas says... #3

Throw in Ashaya, Soul of the Wild so your nontoken creatures can contribute with treasures too.

April 25, 2022 5:05 a.m.

Niko9 says... #4

Nice combo! It might be a nice backup wincon to a Revel in Riches strategy. Though, to be fair, I do think that the regular condition for revel could be more consistent. Revel in Riches plus Toxic Deluge or sacrifice strategies like Grave Pact plus Altar of Dementia are the normal ways to go, and I think that they might work more consistent. But again, I really like it as a backup because sac effects are magnets for removal. Altar of Dementia is never long lived on the table : )

April 25, 2022 5:48 p.m.

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