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Hey there. My name is Thomas, a competitive Magic player from North Carolina. I am on the road to becoming a pro.

Before you explore my profile page some more and potentially look at my decks, let me say a couple things. First, if I ever come off as knowing absolutely nothing about this game, please keep in mind that I am a newer player. So if you are going to say that I suck as a deck builder from a shitty deck I built 6 months ago, please give me another chance. I openly admit that I am often wrong, more that I'd like to be wrong about anything. For example, if I say that a card you consider good is bad, and list the wrong reasoning, please let me know or give me a few weeks to figure it out. Much appreciated. Secondly, if you have an issue with me as a person, or you don't like a comment I made on a deck or on your wall, or even your binder, please come talk to me instead of straight-up blocking me. I am willing to maturely talk about anything you don't like about me, and attempt to correct it if I agree with you, and probably even if I don't. You can of course just block me, but that doesn't accomplish anything except having us both leave the encounter with a bad taste in our mouths. And furthermore, I might also turn around and do the same thing to another user, which isn't very fair to them.

I play a LOT of Control, and you are welcome to ask me any questions about my decks and other Control decks.

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I'm fairly active on here, and I ask for and give advice frequently. I am best with Control decks in general because that is what I play.

I play Azcanta Control in Modern

Sipping Espresso

Modern* tlhunter07


My current project is Modern Company

Made In China

Modern tlhunter07


I am a Johnny/Spike. I like to win, but I will generally do it with a deck that fits my playstyle, even if it's not the best thing out there.

I am Blue/White

I'm both orderly and rational. I value control, information, and order. I love structure and hierarchy, and will actively use whatever power or knowledge I have to maintain it. At best, I am lawful and insightful; at worst, I am bureaucratic and tyrannical.

I wish you all the best topdecks. See you around!

BladeMasta220 says... #1

Sure thing. I enabled chat and will PM you as soon you enable chat.

January 2, 2018 8:37 p.m.

BladeMasta220 says... #2

Do you have any other foils? I have other stuff not listed

January 1, 2018 12:49 p.m.

BladeMasta220 says... #3

Hey man, that's perfect! feel free to initiate!

January 1, 2018 12:45 p.m.

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Said on Sipping Espresso...


No. The cycling is irrelevant since we have so much card draw, and three mana counterspells are really bad in Modern. We're fine delving a little for Knot, as we have a lot of cards we cant flashback (fetches and creatures), and a lot that we dont want to flash back (like Serum Visions and Logic Knot).

January 14, 2018 3:40 a.m.

Hey guys-looking for some foil Jeskai pieces. Binder is here. Thanks!

January 4, 2018 9:24 p.m.

Said on BladeMasta220...


I do have some other foils but I'm hesitant to trade them. Do you mind PMing me a list of your unlisteds so I could look over them?

January 2, 2018 4:57 p.m.


Sipping Espresso

Modern* tlhunter07


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