Selesnya Cats

Standard Kaeryth


Going good so far! —Oct. 18, 2017

Finally at a point with the deck where I don’t think there are any obvious improvements. Been playing a ton on MTGO, seems actually pretty strong against most meta decks.

Weakest matchup is tempo but not many are playing it. Matchups vs aggro is excellent all round, and vs control can be hit and miss preboard but seems favoured postboard (the small cats forcing 2:1s since they can Embalm/Eternalize is fantastic, with sideboard cards denying value I’ve been stalling until I have big card advantage and levying a win). Matchup against midrange (particularly Temur Energy) is pretty grindy, just stalling until I can levy a win after getting my removal online, seems favourable both pre and post board.

Looking forward to doing more testing, would still love feedback! I’ll write a more full idea of how the deck plays and my ideas behind it soon enough.

Meow :3

killerfroggy says... #1

If you like Ajani Unyielding you'll love Oath of Ajani. Perhaps move Prowling Serpopard to sideboard, since you only really need him to play Blue.

October 11, 2017 10:45 a.m.

Kaeryth says... #2

I dunno about including more 2 drops though, and the Serpopard has decent stats for a 3 drop. What do you think I could do to change it? If I put the enchantment in Id probably cut 2 drops and squeeze more 3s in place of the Serpopards, but Im not sure which cats.

October 11, 2017 1 p.m.

killerfroggy says... #3

Do you need 3 Authority of the Consuls and 3 Vanquisher's Banner ? You could probably reduce one of them each and get 2 Oath of Ajani. Since you are using Ajani Unyielding this will help get him out faster and pump you creatures up.

With Metallic Mimic in there as well this would give you good synergy. You might not need Solemnity in sideboard if you do go this way. 2 more Settle the Wreckage (because that card is crazy good) in the sb, would help more I think.

October 12, 2017 5:59 a.m.