Eager Construct


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Eager Construct

Artifact Creature — Construct

When Eager Construct enters the battlefield, each player may scry 1.

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Eager Construct Discussion

Argy on Throne of the God-Pharaoh

1 week ago

ACDAMAN Eager Construct is not something that I joke about.

You write the real name of the card then put | then the name you want to call it.

No spaces.

clayperce on Throne of the God-Pharaoh

2 weeks ago

It would mess with your mana-base of course, but maybe some Saheeli Rai or Mechanized Production? Because the the only possible thing better than Throne of the God-Pharaohs and Eager Constructs is MOAR UV DEM!!!!!*

Reaxetion on Iconic Masters Announced

3 weeks ago

I am with Argeaux on this one. He brought the glory of Eager Construct into my life. Set will be a punt if its not included.

TheDevicer on Iconic Masters Announced

3 weeks ago

Eager Construct?

enter image description here

Both quake before Lay Claim!

Argy on Iconic Masters Announced

3 weeks ago

Pffft Storm Crow.

Anyone with any sense knows that Eager Construct is strictly better.

Scrying beats flying.

Eager Constructs

Standard Argeaux


Argy on TighearnachCreag

1 month ago

For god's sake, don't actually build and play Eager Constructs!!

It's a joke deck.

Argy on Visions - Young Peezy ft. Alchemist

1 month ago


Eager Construct

Scrying beats Flying.

savior2200 on Infinite Crackdown

2 months ago

Changes have been made. Thank you all for your help up to this point. I would like to have a few turn 1 creatures to play though. any suggestions?


3x Brute Strength4x Inventors' Fair4x Key to the City3x Fiery Temper4x Glint-Nest Crane

Removed:3x Brazen Scourge1x Eager Construct2x Embraal Gear-Smasher2x Lightning Runner1x Spireside Infiltrator1x Welder Automaton1x Weldfast Monitor

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