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Hardhitta7's Binder

Yo, my name is Bryce. I'm 26 years old, and I live in Oklahoma. I've been on TappedOut for quite a while building decks. I have now been trading on here for quite a while, I have 80 completed trades and not one complaint.

I play EDH exclusively now. I usually prefer old borders unless there’s a big price difference.

Everything I want isn't on my list, so just send an offer if you don't have any of my wants. I'm on here everyday and usually reply very fast.

I'm an Izzet Mage so I always enjoy blue/red cards, particularly burn and counter spells. Glory to the Firemind!
The majority of the printings are correct, but if you want a specific printing ask me and I can make sure.
I vouch for anyone on my completed trades list. Have not run into any problems so far.

Shoutout to abby315! A card I sent got lost in the mail and I paid her for it. It showed up about a month later and she promptly let me know and refunded me. Exemplary trader.

Updated my binder with everything $1 or higher. Haven’t input conditions yet so ask about those if worried. All my cards are LP-NM.

Currently collecting one of every card in Kaladesh (minus the inventions). The Mystical Tutor I will only trade for the higher ticket items in KLD, preferably a Chandra, Torch of Defiance + others but I’m open to offers.