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Standard FNM tourney

wraithsmk says... #1

Match 1 vs U/W control 0-2: DoJ destroyed me both games. enuff said.

Match 2 vs Mono White Myr 2-0: just overwhelmed him wit elves. game one. game two was even until i dropped monument and swung for win

Match 3 vs White Knights 2-1: Was even until he cast Brave the Elements . Game 2 he has no answer for Fauna Shaman/Vengevine combo. Game 3 back to back Joraga Warcaller multikicked won me the game.

Match 4 vs Mono Green Aggro 2-1: game one went his way. He fetched a Platinum Angel with Fauna Shaman and i have no answer. Game 2..was stalled both sides til top deck 2xGenesis Wave for 8 then 12. He conceded. Game 3 was turn 5 win with Monument and Ezuri combo.

Top 8 Match vs R/U Ascemsion: 1-2 vengevines won me the game. Game 2 was a long drawn out affair. Arc Trail wrecked my early game and i kept top decking Nature's claim. til he got his last ascension and burned me down. Game 3 was no conest. He had his perfect setup the whole way.

MVP: [[Joraga Warcaller

August 28, 2011 5:05 a.m.

CUJ3 says... #2

The deck did fairly well for how it is now. I have no sideboard yet. The first round went to my opponent who was playing Caw Blade. I won the first match, last two he sideboard in and took the round.

Second match I went against a Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Lich deck, and come out winning both rounds. Once I had Tumble Magnet s out and the Royal Assassin combo going it was smooth and I was in control for the win.

Third Round was against Valakut which I had no experience playing, and he took the first round, then the second round I had an idea of what to Mana Leak and I won. The final round he won because of a mistake I made playing.

August 28, 2011 5:05 a.m.

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Heavenly High

Frontier* StuBi


2-0 Recycled Dragons

This was my partner's deck. I had a perfect draw against it.

Got Stitcher's Graft out on Turn 1 and Sylvan Advocate out on Turn 2, which meant I had a 5/6 Creature on the field by Turn 3.

Gisela ...

2 years ago