Hey, guess what? I co-run an EDH blog. It's called One General to Rule Them All (and On the Battlefield Bind Them). Whee!

I play to have fun first and foremost, but not gonna lie: I like to win, preferably while pulling some kind of big, hilarious move involving the abuse of geometric progressions (life gain, token production, etc.) or incredibly janky combos (Avenger of Zendikar + Admonition Angel + Realm Razer + a land drop right after playing the Razer is something I aspire to). If I lose, I want to lose in an equally huge, ridiculous way. It's why I <3 multi-player Elder Dragon Highlander the most: the wins tend to be extra-massive and satisfying, and the losses tend to be hilarious. It's the one format in which I get to to pull moves like throwing 94 1/1 Storm Herd Pegasus Creature tokens onto the battlefield, or flinging a 50/50 Lord of Extinction at somebody's head with Rite of Consumption, on a regular basis.

Draft is really fun, too, but I'm kind of mediocre at it, partly because I'm still feeling out what works in a draft and partly because I sometimes become irrationally attached to the cards I draft and do silly things, like splash white just so's I have a chance of getting out both my Frost Titan AND my Sun Titan in an otherwise entirely blue-green deck.

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