Marsh Crocodile

Marsh Crocodile

Creature — Crocodile

When Marsh Crocodile enters the battlefield, return a blue or black creature you control to its owner's hand.

When Marsh Crocodile enters the battlefield, each player discards a card.

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Marsh Crocodile Discussion

K34 on The Exodus

4 years ago

You should consider Marsh Crocodile, too. It has an effect that may require careful planning, but it gets you the repeatable casting you need.

Ruffigan on Pauper EDH Primer

4 years ago

Here are the decks I run. Take into account that I have no one to play with so they are tested basically against my other decks and some of the decks I find here on TappedOut:

Myrsmith: White weenie artifact build. Very vulnerable to removal and boardwipes. Focuses on getting cheap equips, artifact creatures, and artifact cantrips out to create myrs. Can overwhelm if they can't deal with her when she comes into play. Does not deal well against some of the top tier commanders.

Changeling Titan: Voltron ramp. Contains mostly ETB creatures that ramp, tutor, or draw with green staples for the same. It is easy enough to deal with the Titan but it has to be dealt with and removing it gives you additional value off of the ETB creatures. Extremely vulnerable to flying and boardwipes.

Marsh Crocodile: ETB/discard. Runs a bunch of ETB weenies that let you draw, discard, or return a permanent to its controllers hand. Commander is only used if you don't have a card to bounce a creature to your hand to continue the value train. Has lots of fliers and weenies on the ground and contains graveyard play. Takes a while to win, arduous to play, probably not fast enough to beat out a Psychatog or Spellheart Chimera.

Seasinger: Aikido/control. Use your opponent's best creatures/commander against them and counter spells that would stop you. Vulnerable to removal and aggro. Probably my strongest deck in 1v1.

I've got some more but they're not optimized/in paper yet. I am currently cataloging all of the combos in Pauper EDH, my next goal is to try and make a top tier combo deck that can rival fast commanders like Psychatog and Spellheart Chimera.

lilgiantrobot on

4 years ago

Waste Not fits your themes. Maybe you can up the mass discard? Things like Miasmic Mummy and Marsh Crocodile (who can bounce himself) can be really good, and since you're in black you can tailor the deck to not hurt you for this as much.

I'd start with 38 or 39 lands, and 4-7 pieces of artifact ramp in general for a 6cc commander.

Thief of Blood is a fun card to play against Atraxa as well, and possibly Spike Cannibal if they go heavy +1/+1 counters.