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Blue Johnny Vorthos

You might be a Theme Deck Designer

You are a Blue Johnny Vorthos. You want to express your creativity through your understanding of Magic's fantasy flavor, and your methods for doing that are based on knowledge and study. That means you build "theme" decks, ones based on a particular character or a storyline or even on something entirely unrelated to the game (such as cards that have a word in the title which appears in a Beatles song or something). You're a big fan of Highlander decks which have a lot of variety in them yet can be tailored to a specific common thread, and you might even go so far as to invent new flavor-heavy formats. Elder Dragon Highlander was probably a Blue Johnny Vorthos's work, and there are more such near-roleplay formats waiting to be discovered.

At a guess, your favorite spell might be Dream Halls. A card from the Weatherlight saga with a richly detailed art that fits with any number of subtle theme decks, its global status makes it a good inclusion for formats such as Chaos Magic or "dungeon" play, and its ability to help unplayable cards get played can be a lifesaver in a Highlander deck (not that you can guarantee it gets into play or anything, but still).

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I personally was fine with the separation. I think braids is the only card that poses a giant threat from comma d zone

March 7, 2018 10:03 a.m.


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