Hey, Im MAKOLifestream (or TJ back on the Earth plane). From Lapeer Michigan. Im a relatively new player to MTG. I am a Johny/Timmy. I like being creative and trying to come up with decks that most people dont think of (thus johny), and i love seeing the face on people when i drop a Terra Stomper on turn 3. (thus timmy)

I started playing near the lorwyn era, though i never knew rules such as standard or legacy at the time. a friend of mine back in highschool introduced me to it. before that i was playing dual masters or something like that. the play mechanics were similar, so i caught on quick, but i never had my own deck.

The first MTG card i ever owned was a Foil Flint Golem (which i still own today). The first deck i played with was a mono red goblin deck (my friends). The first deck i owned was almost all artifacts from the mirrodin set.(a friend of mine had a bunch of cards, he didnt know how to play and was just going to sell them anyways, so i asked if i could make a deck.)The first Standard deck i ever played was Elves. Since then I have progressed a lot and have learned so much from fellow players, but im still new, and still apreciate tips and feedback when possible.

Im an easy going guy. Survivalist nature. I run green most of the time. I want to try a pro tour or grand prix or something of that nature, but funds are pretty short.I love playing multiplayer MTG games, DHG or free for all. One on one is always a blast too. I love this game and always will.

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You are Red/Blue!
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