If you enjoy being the Archenemy and being 3v1'd this is the deck for you. Once she attacks enjoy a solo game of cards. On a decent hand play Narset turn 2, god hand 1, swing and GG.

cEDH Summary

This home brew deck has a 25% chance to flip 1 out of the 4 into an extra turn, attack, or MLD so your chances are good with 1 attack to end the game. Use Ex map or Weathered Wayfarer to grab Cavern so she is uncounterable if playing against blue. Else, grab Hall for haste. Use Enlightened Tutor or Fabricate for X-map or Lion's Eye Diamond, or if you have Cavern already fetch for Strionic or Scroll Rack.

The goal is to cast Narset turn 2-3 (god hand 1); knowing which hand to keep or mulligan is the most important part of any deck. More so this one. There aren't many answers because the main goal is to cast and swing; the game never lasts long enough to matter. Get infinite turns between Nexus and Beacon.

Make sure to kill off your Crypt ASAP... I've died to it once... :)

Turn 1 God Hand Examples:

1 - Vault set up

land, SSG, Lotus Petal, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Mana Vault, Lightning Greeves

land, play crypt, tap crypt for ring and vault, tap ring for greeves, play lotus petal, exile ssg for red, tap land for whatever, sac petal for whatever, use 3 color and tap vault to cast Narset, equip greeves = GG

2 - Diamond set up

land, Lion's Eye Diamond, Desperate Ritual, Chrome Mox, Rite of Flame, Need for Speed OR mass hysteria, any colored card.

play land or chrome mox exiling the extra colored card, tap for red from either one, use 1 red for rite of flame, use rite for desperate ritual, play lions eye, play need for speed or mass hysteria, sac lions eye, play narset = GG

3 - Grim set up

ancient tomb or crystal vein, grim monolith, chrome mox, ssg, lotus petal, mana crypt, greeves

draw colored card, play ancient tomb or vein, tap for grim, tap grim, play chrome mox exiling card drawn, ssg, lotus petal, play mana crypt, play greeves = GG

If you don't draw into a colored card this is a turn 2 example, out of many, win.

Cards that can potentially contribute to turn 1 wins:

Ancient Tomb, Crystal Vein, Desperate Ritual, Rite of Flame, Mana Vault, Lion's Eye Diamond, Sol Ring, Grim Monolith, Lotus Petal, Simian Spirit Guide, Chrome Mox, Mana Crypt, Need for Speed, Mass Hysteria, and Lightning Greeves.

Every other ramp card in the deck will contribute to a turn 2 win.

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== Link to an alternative, less insta-win version of equipment voltron Narset .5 ==

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