Straight filth. Big Daddy has the potential to come out turn 3. This deck #recks as it's a stompy dragon deck that beats down your opponents with tons of haste mechanics, draw, and badass dragons with oppressive abilities that devastate your enemies' creatures. Try to start your hand with 3-4 lands and a land fetch. Grab Mountain / Forest pairs first with a priority on mountains as most dragons require red to cast and activate pumps.

Sneak an instant win in with Hellkite Tyrant or get infinite attacks with Savage Ventmaw + Aggravated Assault. One shot someone with Conqueror's Flail + double strike.

Use a tutor to grab something you need in response to Big Daddy's trigger. I usually use Worldly for Avacyn or combo piece, Enlightened for True Conviction, combo piece, or mana doubler, and Vampiric for clutch or combo piece.

Legacy Weapon + mana doublers = shooting range.

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