Straight filth. This deck #recks as it's a stompy dragon deck that beats down your opponents with tons of haste mechanics, draw, and badass dragons with oppressive abilities that devastate your enemies' creatures. Try to start your hand with 2-3 lands and a land fetch. Grab Forest / Mountain pairs first.

Sneak an instant win in with Hellkite Tyrant or get infinite attacks with Savage Ventmaw + Aggravated Assault.

Legacy Weapon + mana doublers = shooting range

There are a few graveyard recursion cards to bring back the fallen ones (Bladewing the Risen, Ever After), and plenty of utility cards to compound the pressure (Asceticism, Lurking Predators, or True Conviction). Ping off walkers, creatures, or chip off someone's life with Scourge of Valkas, Dragon Tempest and then swing in with added effects from dragon attack triggers to handle the rest of the board state.

Other 5 color decks

99 Problems - Walkers

No Fun Zone - Stax

Scoop - Tribal board wipe

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I appreciate everyone's suggestions. I've tested it a lot; mixing many ideas together and I am pretty set on this version. Thank you for your collaboration. This deck is very fun to play.


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