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Ballz to the wall equipment Voltron Narset; an alternative to my Solitaire extra attack, extra turn, and mass land destruction deck (Solitaire).

Win con(s) is to beat down from attacking, Sword of Feast + Agg assault, or indestructible + Worldslayer.

Bloodforged Battle-Axe with Hammer or Sig Aid is really fun. If she dies or gets countered just cast her again from artifact ramp with one of the many haste options.

Use Narset as creature removal because she gets lethal quickly and they have no choice but to block. Use Grappling Hook or Nemesis Mask with Godsend, Scythe of the Wretched or Sword of Kaldra to exile indestructible creatures or kill commanders. Use Argentum Armor to get rid of key perms.

See Singleton for an aura voltron deck.


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