I play this home brew when I want to let the table know what's up.

Azusa uses brute force, consistency, and speed compounded by draw/ramp.

Win Con(s)

1) Spawnsire of Ulamog and family

2) Craterhoof Behemoth + Avenger of Zendikar and friends

3) Hurricane + Glacial Chasm

4) Strip Mine or Wasteland + Crucible of Worlds or Ramunap Excavator isn't a direct win-con but if you focus your biggest threat and blow up 3-5 lands a turn they will likely scoop.

The ideal hand is 3-4 lands, mana popper for turn 2 Azusa, and a draw mechanic.

If your league doesn't allow wishboards swap out Spawnsire for any experimental card or anything from the sideboard.

If your league allows sideboarding this deck SHREDS Baral, Chief of Compliance decks. If you're playing casually feel free to swap em out anyway if you see a lot of blue. See sideboard for list.


If you're playing in a control group grab Boseiju first, else get Chasm against aggro, and finally Cradle with Deserted Temple or Eye. Chasm is MVP and provides a great defense against Wanderer, Prosh, Purphoros, Breya, Omnath, elves, gobs, infect, tron, etc. You can also sac Chasm if the cumulative upkeep is high and bring it back with Petrified Field, Excavator, or Crucible.

Planar Bridge unanswered is always a win. End of turn (EOT) grab Seedborn, EOT grab Chasm or mana ramp, EOT grab mana ramp or utility, EOT before your turn grab Spawnsire and activate, swing on your turn.

Gen wave + mana doublers with Boseiju usually secures a win.

Natural Order into an early T-Don and blow up a blue player's 3 lands, or whoever tutored last.

It's a good idea to use Fierce Empath to grab Sandstone Oracle early game and a win con if drawn into later in the game. Use Defense of the Heart to grab Avenger of Zendikar and Regal Force for serious draw, but if Akroma's Memorial is out grab Craterhoof Behemoth instead for game. If you have a lot of lands and can win the game instead use Defense to grab Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and Spawnsire of Ulamog , tap 20 mana and GG.

You can choose Eldrazi or Human with Cavern. Humans is probably better.


Very fun deck. TY for reviewing. Other mono-green, elf, deck: Yoink

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