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Modern* Five Color Mono-White


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You know what? Fuck it, I just don't care anymore. I cant stand not being myself anymore. I cant stand lying to everyone with every breath. Here goes nothing.

"But telling her family, they might snap."

"If she discussed it, they'd be disgusted, disown her and thst would be disaterous."

"It would cause her a smorgasbord of disorders I'd she listened to what they would think."

"Because the clenching of her teeth was just her biting on the lie!"

"If they found out, they'd give him hell."

"Some people kick you down just because you're different."

"And I know you feel TRAPPED AND SMALL right now, but you'll come out alive!"

I am 16 and male. Except Im not.

I'm Trans(MtF) and Bi.

I'm doing this here because I've always felt at home here. It doesn't have the unpredictability of Reddit and most Youtube comment sections are toxic deluges for people to vent their feelings. I've never ecountered any kind of sexism or homophobia here, just good natured people coming together over a common goal. There is just a general sense of a tightly knit community that look out for each other, evident by the astounding amount of time people put into helping others with their decks.

There, it's out there. No going back now.

To my IRL friends: Shakespeare_Jr., NarWolf, sprtsfan11, and Edward6116, let there be no more lies between us. But don't let anyone other than the innermost circle. The girls, Tyler, Sam, Brycen, Brodie, sure. Aden already knows. Not Antonio, not Brayden and sure as hell don't tell anyone outside the table. It's better this way.


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First of all, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has done anything for me this past. Special thanks to Hynx for helping me plan out my next step and special thanks to lagotripha who commented just seconds after I first came out. It was only through that comment thst I didn't take down the "deck" or make it private or something similar. He/She gave me the courage to stick it out and see what became of it. I stuck it out, and I am SO glad I did. I didn't expect how largely or positively it was received and this is the very reason I love this community more than any other.

To commemorate not only the support I have received, but to celebrate how great u guys are. I am going to celebrate in the only way I know how. I am going to make a EDH deck, of course. It is going to be 5 color to represent everyone and because it is celebrating u guys, it is up to u to pick the General. Doesn't even have to legal, the only constraint is that it must be 5 colors.


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