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Unhinged Deck based off of funny broken combos. (Blank) is what makes this deck go round. Unfortunately, the card link does not like (Blank)...

Notable combos:

(Blank) + - Why not change (Blank)'s name to every word known to man, this will make all the later combos all the easier.

(Blank) + Urza's Hot Tub - Don't have a (Blank)? BOOM you do now. Have (Blank) and want something else? There you go.

(Blank) + Name Dropping - Unless the opponent is mute (or just mad at me for playing this deck), I can get my (Blank) back for one easy payment of . Combine with Urza's Hot Tub to get a repeatable tutor for anything you want whenever your opponent speaks.

(Blank) + My First Tome + - You guess that the flavor text is for (Blank)? Your wrong, it is the flavor text of (Your Wrong). Now you think it is for (Your Wrong)? Wrong again, it is for (Bob). So on and so forth.

(Blank) + Bosom Buddy - Now it's time to actually play my (Blank). Why not get infinite life while I am at it.

(Blank) + Wordmail - What goes well with Infinite life? How about an Infinite/Infinite creature? That'll do just nicely.

(Blank) + Now I Know My ABC's - Well I've had my fun, I win.

I don't need anyone to Party

Cheatyface - He's been there the whole time, I swear. When did I play him? ...Look over there, a distraction! As I was saying, both of the Cheatyface cards have been here the whole time. With enough Monetary funds, you can have a Cheatyface under all of your card sleeves and it is good for one giant army of Cheatyface that came out of nowhere.

Symbol Status - Notice that every land aside from City of Ass and card:R&D's Secret Lair have a different expansion symbol on them. I want ALL the Expansion Symbol Tokens.

AWOL - Yeah... I don't like that and it's NOT coming back. At least he will enjoy the hotub with Urza.

Loose Lips - Can work one of two ways. The first is have the sentence "I concede" or something like that. This way if you deal damage, you get to draw 2 cards or win. The other is make them say something embarrassing or humiliating. That way you get cards or you are entertained.

Avatar of Me - A 6/11 Blue creature for 6? Yes Please.

Our Market Research Shows That Players Like Really - Can get very large with Wordmail or give you alot of life with bosom Buddy, but not nearly as much as (blank).

Land Aid '04 - for an untapped land and a potential chance to annoy your opponent.

Frankie Peanuts - Probe your opponent for answers, regardless of is it is relevant to your current game. Even more fun is to get whatever you want by phrasing the question just right. The easiest way is "Will you either (effect that you want) or say No?" They can't say No because that is one of the choices so they can only say Yes. Because they said Yes you get what you want whether it is having them give up making you the winner, have them not block your infinite/infinite (blank), having them make you a sandwich, or just performing a merry little jig. The only limit to this card is your own creativity.

Greater Morphling - Anything you can do I can do better, for enough mana I can be better than you.

Who/What/When/Where/Why - Who gets to gain life? What is that trinket? When was that creature supposed to arrive again? Where is that land? Why isn't that enchanted anymore? These will be the questions going through your opponents head when you use one of these cards.

City of Ass - Great for mana correction and makes it so you can play any of Who/What/When/Where/Whys effects... Butt only if you can stand the stench.

Potential Jokes sponsored by

Vile Bile - The game of Magic turns into tag extreme. Slightly stik it out of its sleeve, and its game on!

Enter the Dungeon - Because why not. With a playset you can have a sub-game, within a sub-game, within a sub-game, within a sub-game, within a game. All to determine who gets to tutor 2 cards on the next level up. Then Rinse, Wash, and Repeat as necessary.


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