Bloody Beginner needs help with second deck: Black/Green Deck

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Posted on Jan. 25, 2017, 8:42 p.m. by RattleSkull

Hi, earlier this week I bought 1000 Magic Cards in a pack for beginners. A friend of mine did the same and now we are battling each other on a very casual level (both of us never played magic before, but other tcgs).

I wanted to build a Black and Green deck that focuses on my graveyard and I broke down my choice of cards to a total of 58 Cards(Without lands).


Now I want to ask you guys, which cards I should remove to get to like 35-40 cards(to fill it up with 20 to 25 Lands).

I also got some special lands:

2x Jungle Hollow,

Fertile Thicket,

Turntimber Grove,

Blighted Woodland,

Blighted Fen

If needed i can provide a list of other Black or Green cards i own, that might fit this deck.

Any other advice for Deckbuilding or Magic in general is welcomed!!

EDIT: List of other potential Cards for this Deck that i own: black-green-potential-cards

Argy says... #2

Here are some basic tips:

  1. You NEED removal.

  2. Start with 24 lands, 24 Creature spells, and 12 Non-Creature spells. Adjust as necessary i.e. if your friend has a lot of Creatures, add more removal. If s/he doesn't have much removal, add more Creatures.

  3. Have a strong plan. How will your deck win? Most of your cards should work towards that e.g. you will get big Creatures out quickly and smash face = you will need ways to get extra mana in your pool such as Creatures that tap for mana.

  4. Have at least one other way that your deck will win e.g. you will build up your smaller Creatures with +1/+1 counters.

  5. Make sure your Creatures are good value. If they have abilities such as Flying, Menace, Vigilance, or Trample that is usually better than them having nothing. If they have a big "body" (toughness), that is also good.

Example: Sylvan Advocate is a bloody awesome card. It has a good body for its cost - you won't find heaps of Creatures that have 3 Toughness in the 2CMC slot.

It has Vigilance.

Most importantly, it gets bigger the longer it is on the field.

It provides a LOT of value.

Deck building is a tricky art to learn. How many of each card to include takes time and finesse.

I usually break it down like this:

4 copies = you really need this card to win
3 copies = this helps your game plan a lot
2 copies = you don't need this card until late in the game, or it has a similar role to other cards in the deck
1 copy = you need one more copy of a certain type of card, but you already have four of the same name in the deck - this one works in a similar fashion

Put up a list on your profile once you have built your deck, and we can give you better tips on how to improve it.

PS. Don't use Auras on Creatures unless they give some amazing benefit when the Creature dies, they do something awesome when they enter the field, or you can return them to hand when the Creature dies.

Otherwise you will "2 for 1" yourself - your Opponent can get rid of both your Creature and your Aura with just one of their cards.

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