My first Vampire deck - still needs help

Commander / EDH* Syun_Wukong


Minor Changes #2 —July 6, 2019

Removed: Sunbird's Invocation

Added: Eldrazi Monument

Goodchance says... #1

Banehound is also a bit off point. I would also add some altars to sac the 1/1s to effectively make eminence say "when you cast a vampire, add 2 or one of any color". You even justify adding a cloudstone curio if your acmc was a bit closer to 2.5-3. Urzas incubator, even a patriarchs bidding (both at g2k games down in sc) could do some serious work. Mardu is also the king of fieldwipes, tutors and unconditional permanent removal. I reccomend anguished unmaking, vindicate, utter end, or the new despark. Good field wipes include merciful eviction, wrath of god, damnation, KINDRED DOMINANCE! Tutors are pretty standard shiz. If you wanted to move in a controlling direction: attrition, viscera seer, dictate of erebos, grave pact, maaaaaybe yawgmoth, VAMPIRIC RITES, even mindslash etc. could pretty efficiently make each each vampire spell read "when you cast this spell, each other player loses a creature you draw a card, you thoughtsieze them, or shrink a creature by 1", which is awful, just plain awful. In order to fuel virtually any of edgar markovs many horrific modalities, a low curve, high creature, and focused approach is necessary or you're going to trip up in play. It's really easy to build a deck and see a bunch of synergies on paper but the probability of seeing two cards together each game is close to 3ish percent (source: , parameters: population=99, sample size=18[7 cards opening hand+11 turns drawing 1 card] successes in population and sample size=2) after turn 10 with no card selection. High synergy or card selection improves the consistency of your deck and edgar is a powerful engine for aggro and consistent tokens that receive his buff repeatedly.

July 5, 2019 9:57 a.m.

Syun_Wukong says... #2

Goodchance thank you for the input! I just added an update with the cards I ordered, and also put them in the maybe board. I took a lot of inspiration from championeggo's advice and deck list, so thank you for that, but I also want to try and hybridize the deck a little bit. I'm hoping to utilize Mycosynth Lattice + Ashnod's Altar with Anointed Procession to try and help with higher than average cmc as well as to try and speed up the deck. What do y'all think?

July 5, 2019 2:22 p.m.

championeggo says... #3

Mycosynth is ok, but in my opinion doesn’t belong in this deck. Plus if someone board wipes artifacts. Yikes thats ground zero unless you have a way to go indestructible or faze out till end of turn. Their are better ways to ramp or fix mana. Like Chromatic Lantern and it’s much cheaper. I know it doesn’t turn your board into colorless for ashnods, but ashnods is a free sac outlet that is what is most important and the mana is a bonus to cheat out bigger spells and Viscera Seer is another great one because she lets you scry till your hearts content and filter your deck to hopefully draw what you need.

July 5, 2019 11:46 p.m.