Let's Begin With Control...

Modern Saint1129


April 17, 2018

Another amazing trade came in today! In addition to cards for my upcoming EDH build (which I'll probably post once I have a few more cards) I am now able to add some of the finishing changes to my deck, including:

Swapping out:

1x Condemn - This card was just a placeholder until I could find a better one-drop, which I did.

1x Dissolve - Once again, mostly a placeholder until I could get more efficient spells. While the hard counter was pretty good most of the time, Remand can be cast earlier and draws me a card (instead of scrying).

2x Jace Beleren - While he was an efficient draw engine in my deck, I found myself giving my opponents cards when I couldn't resist using his ultimate. For now, I believe that having more Remand s in my deck will help with the card drawing problem.

1x Mana Leak - Well, it was 4x Mana Leak or 4x Remand ... So I decided to have more Remand s since they cost me more money. ;) No better reason than that, sorry.

Added in:

3x Remand - Remand is simply a better counterspell than what I had been running before, t draws a card and I'm able to cast it as soon as turn 2.

2x Spell Snare - There are sooo many spells this can hit, especially in Modern MTG. And since it's only 1 mana to cast I consider it a must-have in Modern U/W control.

That all for now! I look forward to my next update, as much as I'm sure all of you do, and I am always open to suggestions and can ask any questions you have when building this, or other, MTG decks. Bye!