How does the stack trigger in this scenario?

Asked by Lloyd156_BLUE 5 years ago

It's my turn during an EDH game. On the battlefield I have a Vedalken Orrery . I cast a Imperial Recruiter which resolves. I tutor for my creature. My opponent then casts Path to Exile to rid the game of the Imperial Recruiter which I recur with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death . I cast a Viscera Seer in response which will resolves before the Path to Exile .

The question is can I add Viscera Seer 's ability to the stack above Path to Exile to sacrifice Imperial Recruiter or does the Path to Exile resolve before Viscera Seer enters the battlefield

TheNextRedDude says... #1

Yes, you may play instant speed spells or abilities at any point at which you have priority.

September 25, 2015 6:37 a.m.

Draugo says... Accepted answer #2

From your description I'm not entirely sure you know how the stack and priority functions so I'll include these three basic concepts. Sorry if I've understood wrong.First, nothing on the stack triggers, items on the stack resolve one at a time after both players have passed priority.
Second, players can only perform actions such as adding spells or abilities to the stack when they have priority.
Third, when an item on the stack resolves the active player receives priority first.

In this case from your description the closest I can come to valid order of play is:
1. You cast Imperial Recruiter and it resolves.
2. You add the ETB trigger of Recruiter, the ability resolves and you tutor for Viscera Seer (I assume).
3. You pass priority on an empty stack and your opponent casts Path to Exile targeting Imperial Recruiter. I don't know what Alesha has to do with this situation and what you mean with "which I recur with...".
4. Now before the Path resolves you want to cast Viscera Seer and sacrifice Imperial Recruiter.

The answer is, yes, you can sacrifice Imperial Recruiter before path resolves since you have to pass priority before Path can resolve. So you activate Viscera Seer's ability at which point you sacrifice the Recruiter as a cost for that ability and add the ability to the stack above Path. After the Seer's ability has resolved (i.e. you have scryed) you again have priority. If you and your opponent both pass priority at this point Path tries to resolve but since all of its targets have become illegal it is countered by the game rules (it fizzles), nothing gets exiled and you won't search for a basic land.

September 25, 2015 6:43 a.m.

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