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The State of Showdown Showdown

2015 May 20 by Spootyone

I need your thoughts.

Showdown #36: It's in the stars Showdown

2015 February 17 by Spootyone

Sagittarius and Capricorn and stuff.

Showdown #35: Raider's Spoils Showdown

2015 January 31 by Spootyone

Pirates would probably be cooler, tbh...

Showdown #34: The Red Showdown

2015 January 26 by Spootyone

Chevelle, eat your heart out.

Showdown #33: Nestled in Tokens Showdown

2015 January 16 by Spootyone

Moar Showdown stuff. This time it's Kaveth's turn to pilot the Community deck

Showdown #32: I Need a Hero Showdown

2015 January 09 by Spootyone

More Showdown! Now extra Sultai...

Showdown #31: A New Beginning Showdown

2014 December 26 by Spootyone

Let the dawn of a new era begin.

Showdown #30: Butcher Food Showdown

2014 December 04 by Spootyone

I just Khan't get enough!

Showdown #29: Myr Match Showdown

2014 November 19 by Spootyone

I couldn't resist the pun. Sorry.

Showdown #28: Rebirth Showdown

2014 November 05 by Spootyone

We have the technology, they said...We can rebuild it, they said...

Showdown #27: Scorch on the Rocks Showdown

2014 October 15 by Spootyone

"Wait...that makes it sounds like I'm facing a G/B deck. Eh, they'll figure it out." Also, contest winner!

Showdown #26: Season 2 HYPE Showdown

2014 October 01 by Spootyone

Spooty is back for season two of Showdown! Watch as he brings his new brew to the battlefield to face quite a tough competitor.

Showdown 2.0 #6: Season 1 Finale Showdown

2014 September 25 by Spootyone

Apop is back to take on his last pre-rotation build with a dream of revenge... ...And then, a special match to end all matches! Until season 2, of course.

Showdown #25: Lightning Crashes Showdown

2014 September 18 by Spootyone

Join Spooty as we say goodbye to RTR block with one last hurrah of his standard deck. Stick around at the end to hear about a special contest!

Showdown 2.0 #5: 720 Degrees Showdown

2014 September 12 by Spootyone

Apop makes up for his off-week with a double feature!

Showdown #24: Come Fly with Me Showdown

2014 September 03 by Spootyone

What can big scissors do for you?

Showdown #23: The Doom Challenge Showdown

2014 August 21 by Spootyone

It's like the Ice bucket challenge, but with more doom involved. And less ice.

Showdown 2.0 #4: Aviation Showdown

2014 August 14 by Spootyone

Let's take it to the skies!

Showdown 2.0 #3: Controlled Burn Showdown

2014 July 30 by Spootyone

First strike, meet death touch.