MTG Articles

Pandora's Deckbox: Characteristics of a Strong Deck Pandora's Deckbox

2016 June 17 by Epochalyptik

The first installment of the Pandora's Deckbox series! (Republished August 2015, June 2016)

Ill-Gotten Gains Pandora's Deckbox

2015 July 14 by Epochalyptik

Cue the Jaws music and dive into the scarcely-told story of one of Magic's most controversial groups.

Do you want to write a primer? Pandora's Deckbox

2015 April 12 by Epochalyptik

Come on let's write some text...

An Open Response to the Commander RC Pandora's Deckbox

2015 March 26 by Epochalyptik

Assessing what the RC has said about the tuck change.

A Comprehensive Report on Organizing Commander Tournaments Pandora's Deckbox

2014 October 12 by Epochalyptik

An academic report exploring the options available to Tournament Organizers.

Pandora's Deckbox: Understanding Commander as a Social Format Pandora's Deckbox

2014 July 14 by Epochalyptik

The "Commander is a casual format" myth, some philosophy, and being a decent person. Saying what needs to be said.