SOI Standard Poor-Man Challenge: Final Round Results Deck Challenges

2016 June 19 by zandl

Who rose above the other 109 decks to earn the title of "SOI Standard Poor-Man Champion"?

SOI Standard Poor-Man Challenge: Pre-Finale Stats and Favorites Deck Challenges Features

2016 June 15 by zandl

A veritable menagerie of card lists, my meta-testing brews, and my personal favorite submission.

SOI Standard Poor-Man Challenge: Round 4 Results Deck Challenges

2016 June 10 by zandl

Discover how your favorites fared in this penultimate article of the series!

SOI Standard Poor-Man Challenge: Round 2, Part 2 Results Deck Challenges

2016 May 27 by zandl

Who's making the cut into prize support?

SOI Standard Poor-Man Challenge: Pairings and Stats Deck Challenges

2016 April 12 by zandl

You've been patient; I've been busy. See the final numbers and your first pairing!

SOI Standard Poor-Man Challenge Deck Challenges

2016 April 04 by zandl

It's back, baby! Put your deck-building skills to the test in the next installment of zandl's Challenge Series.

Command & Conquer - Ep 2 - Attack of the clones! Deck Challenges Features

2016 March 21 by PhotogenicParasympathetic

Noah and his crew are back for another Commander showdown!

Standard Pauper Challenge: COMPLETE Deck Challenges

2014 July 17 by zandl

Countdowns, breakdowns, meltdowns, hoedowns, etc.

Standard Pauper Challenge: Rounds 3-4 Results Deck Challenges

2014 June 30 by zandl

Good things come to those who wait. ... whom wait?

Standard Pauper Challenge: Round 2 Results Deck Challenges

2014 June 17 by zandl

Intriguing trends, interesting battles.

Standard Pauper Challenge: Round 1 Complete Deck Challenges

2014 June 11 by zandl

New results, new pairings, and prize structure!

Standard Pauper Challenge: Round 1 Results (Part 1) Deck Challenges

2014 June 06 by zandl

Time to see if T/O has article size limitations built in.

Standard Pauper Challenge Stats & Pairings Deck Challenges

2014 June 02 by zandl

Number crunch, who's playing whom, etc.

Spring 2014 Standard Pauper Challenge Deck Challenges

2014 May 24 by zandl

Gear up; it's back.