Hidden Strings + heroic?

Asked by labanog 4 years ago

Hi If i have to heroic cards in play then I cast Hidden Strings to untap both,will it trigger each heroic creature cards seperately?

Dritz says... Accepted answer #1

Yes. If you use a single spell to target multiple creatures that each have Heroic abilities will trigger for each of them. (Hidden Strings , Triton Tactics , Coordinated Assault , Flames of the Firebrand , and Martial Glory all can do this)

It is also worth noting that if you target a single creature with multiple parts of a single spell (Phalanx Leader being targeted by both parts of Martial Glory for instance) that creatures Heroic ability will only trigger once. This is because it triggers when you 'cast a spell that targets' not when it 'becomes the target of a spell you control'

Hope that helps!

September 14, 2013 7:12 a.m.

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